Jeff Chang Is Superior

February 1, 2005

All the buzz I'm hearing on it has been fantastic. I'm very excited for him, and excited for hip-hop (if that makes any sense). (I know, I know. It's very "I Used to Love H.E.R."ish. But I know people out there feel me on that.)

Next week, kicking off on February 8th, Jeff will start a book signing tour. To find out where he's going to be and when, click here. Go to a signing with a pre-purchased book, or buy your book at the signing, and you'll also get a free mixtape loaded with Quannum and old school tunes, mixed by DJ Icewater (don't call him "Manila Ice") and DJ D-Sharp.

Yay, Jeff! Gloat all you want.

Addendum: Although I already pre-ordered a copy of Jeff's book on, I couldn't wait to actually get it in my hands. I went to Barnes & Noble and had to ask for the book, because it hadn't been stocked on the shelves yet. Never in my life have I ever been so excited to read through a book that was as thick as one of my college textbooks! Mad props to Jeff for accomplishing such a feat as writing this book. I cannot wait to finish reading it!




Nice story in the Mercury News about Jeff Chang.
the story, since corrected, had three major mistakes in it. nerissa is usually a good writer, too. I was surprised.