No (Wi-)Fi

February 17, 2005

The week that I spoke on a First Thursdays panel in San Jose, I was totally unprepared for the panel to veer into a different direction that what I had "geared up" for. I assumed I'd be speaking on a panel about love and the relationship dynamics between Asian American men and women...but the panel ended up being more like, "How do I meet people?" and "How can I make myself more appealing to the opposite sex?" I felt like one panelist, who monopolized the talking time and Q&A period, came straight out of the '50s, citing advice from horrible books like The Rules. (I held my tongue; didn't want to be catty. But I almost blurted out, "With advice like that, no wonder YOU'RE single!")


The other week I was tabling (all by myself) at the Asian American Music Conference, and quite a few people came up to me and told me how much they love Hyphen and appreciate the content. That day I was feeling especially disheartened about (and tired from) Hyphen, so the gratitude and praise was like a shot of adrenaline.

I'm pretty excited about the next issue coming out. I apologize that you haven't heard from us since October, but Issue 6 will definitely be worth the wait!

Until then you can catch us on the daily blog tip and at random public appearances (events).

Come say "Hi!" at ECAASU and at the SFIAAFF!




one bad thing about the free wifi is that all the stuff you send/receive will be in the clear. so make sure you guys are doing stuff through https: , vpn, or ssh/scp flavors.yeah, and that firstthursdays thing at sj was hella different from what i'm used from the sf thirdthursdays. at least it was entertaining and funny.oh, and i just renewed my subscription because i got two emails from you guys.see you later,j
Thank you for renewing your subscription J! Someone else just explained to me about things being out there in the clear, even if you use a password-protected system, like at Starbucks. Scary.
Yes, thanks for renewing your subscription, J! And sorry for the double emails!