February 24, 2005

I don't have much to write about, except that I've been anticipating the launch of a new Asian American magazine called Theme. Apparently the premiere issue has just been released and features such names as: Twist (graffiti artist also known as Barry McGee), Jessica Yu and IQU.

I subscribe to so many magazines, they end up sitting on my bedside table for weeks before getting read. I'd love to subscribe to Theme, just to check it out and to support... But I'd much prefer to borrow someone's copy before I make that financial commitment (haha). So if any of my friends out there have a copy to loan me, then you know the drill.

If you've seen Theme already, tell me your thoughts. I think it's great another Asian American magazine is out in print--one that's not lifestyle specific, or ethnic-specific.




welcome back Ms. A. glad to see you enjoyed the right coast. sorry for the small turnout at your event. if there was anything i could have done to help, i would have, but i didn't know until too late! ;-)did you go to the Reading Termminal? run the stairs like Rocky?
You should set up an exchange with Theme. Send them Hyphen when it comes out and they can send you Theme. It's a pretty common practice among magazines. I'm sure they'd love to read Hyphen, if they don't already.
Hello ?er. I almost went to Reading Terminal, but that will be a future trip to Philly (maybe this summer). I wanted to run the stairs like Rocky ("Yo Adrian!"), but alas, I might've slipped on the snow... Philly's a great little city, but maybe too small, figuratively speaking.
so you felt like Cheers - everybody knew your name? maybe its that good PR you've been getting! thank your 'advance team' - you being a editorial magnate and all :-)or was it chance encounters of an uncorfortable kind? just when you thought it was safe to go in the club...but it sounds like you had a good time. you DID get a cheesesteak right? from Jim's?any scintillating revelations from your panel and the conference? you know how to reach me!!!
Hey Ms. the by, your previous post in praise of a bollywood beau has had quit the back and forth during your roam of the east. i must accept responsiblity for at least a part. it has wandered somewhat far afield from your original theme, but the input of the original firestarter might be interesting.
I just saw Theme magazine for the first time - it's the best magazine i have seen in a long time! i'm not asian for what it's worth - the magazine accomplishes what most indy magazines strive to accomplish.