Asians in Reno

February 25, 2005

2) In da club, straddling the dancefloor, three Latinas pull me into their circle. “What are you?” one asks. Japanese. “Ohhhhh. (to friends) ‘HE’S JAPANESE.” Why do you ask? Are you part Japanese? “No, we just don’t see a lot of Japanese in Reno.” Translation: We just don’t see a lot of Japanese who aren’t uptight, wearing cameras, bad teeth, sandals and socks, etc. They were nice and I was their resident cockblocker.

3) Waiting for a table at breakfast, me and three homeys kick it on a bench. The hostess walks up. “Gordon?” We all get up. “Oh, is it a party of three or four?” Three? We’re all sitting together talking…of course! Why would three white guys be eating with the Asian guy?

Reno was great, otherwise. I highly recommend the Awful Awful burger at the Nugget Diner.




duuude! you're being mistaken for keanu now? you know, you're actually younger and taller than he is. i've seen him in person and he's not all that. work it!
Last time I was in Reno, I was there with some friends, most of whom were Pakistani. So it was a group of about 10 Pakistani guys, a couple of east Asian guys, a couple of white guys and a black guy all walking down the street. There must have been multiple calls to Homeland Security.
My hair was poofy from skiing and i had goggles but the rental skis should have been the giveaway that I wasn't Matrix boy.The last time someone made a Keanu comparison to me was 16 years ago when I was rocking a Ted-ish Prince Valiant.
Todd, I was very disappointed with your work in Constantine.Bring back Bill & Ted!"Excellllleeeent!" *air guitar*
hahahah I'm Asian and I've lived in Reno most of my life. My high school was 90% Caucasian. It wasn't that bad, but I have had some racist comments. Most of my friends were white though. I don't think people thought of race that much.haha the last one was horrible