Asian Girls Are Easy

February 27, 2005

If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to go see the Asian American Theater Company's production of "Under the Rainbow" by Philip Kan Gotanda.

"Under the Rainbow" takes on sex, race, relationships and Hollywood – my favorite subjects and topics Gotanda touches on in many of his plays. I saw the play last night and was not disappointed.

The production is two one-act plays. Part one is titled, "Natalie Wood Is Dead" and features a mother and daughter duo of struggling actors trying to make it in Hollywood. There's some raw emotion as the pair confront each other over the struggles and sacrifices they each make as an actor, parent and child. Diane Emiko Takei (Gotanda's wife) plays Yoko, the mother. Pearl Wong of the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors plays the daughter, Natalie Hayashi.

More interesting was part two, "White Manifesto." It's a 50-minute monologue by a WMWA, white male with attitude, who says everything that many of us think, but most of us don't talk about when it comes to the taboo subject of white men dating Asian women.

Danny Wolohan gives a great performance as Richard Saugus, who explains to us why Asian girls are easy for an average white guy like him. The dialogue skewers and expounds on almost every stereotype, excuse, explanation and complaint you can think of when pondering the white male/Asian female phenomenon.

Saugus gives us a "chartered member's" insight into getting Asian girls that he's gleaned from "pillow talk." He also provides a rundown of the sexual differences between women of various Asian ethnic groups. It's all done to wonderful dramatic and comedic effect.

These are old and tired issues that Gotanda raises, but they don't go away if we just stop talking about them. I'm glad there are artists like Gotanda out there still.


Harry Mok

Editor in chief

Editor in Chief Harry Mok wrote about growing up on a Chinese vegetable farm for the second issue of Hyphen and has been a volunteer editor since 2004. As a board member of the San Francisco and New York chapters of the Asian American Journalists Association, Harry has recruited and organized events for student members. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a graduate student instructor in the Asian American Studies Department.



perhaps anyone is easy if you seem to be what they're looking for. unfortunately, I am a white male who likes asian girls but so far I only got somewhere with one.
Well,well whatever you say,no matter how long this argument goes on for Asian girls rule,as a Black man who has dated both Chinese and Korean girls,there is no doubt they have a beauty inside and out and are extremely feminine,sexy,intelligent and hardworking...there is such intensity and glorious beauty in their essence and by the way just as they say once you go black you ain't never goin back,it's also the same as once you experience a rich and soothingly delicious asian girl physically you will never waste your time with another!These women are as addictive as a fine wine,strawberries,and rare art!So any asian girls reading this` especially Chinese,Japanese or Korean,I bow to you nuff respect due!
That is not true about once you go black you never go back those are all lies that people make up. didn't Kevin Federeline dump his pregnant black girlfriend for Britney Spears who is white and didn't Jennifer Lopez fall in love with Ben Affleck after puff diddy. Those sayings are all complete bogus lies. They usually do go back, isn't the divorce rate higher for couples that are interracial. I've seen plenty of guys cheat on asian girls and the asian lady usually puts up with the cheating. And if you look up ask there were more caucasion women on their then anything, and after white women there were more hispanic. Asian girls were the least on that list. So why is that then? if they are so addictive. And please dont say its because holly wood is run by whites Holly Wood is NOT run by whites. There is not an asian girl out there that can compare to the beauty of mila kunis, or Mia Kirshner or Eliza dushku, or leticia casta, or kim smith.
U Asia files make me sick. U live in a fantasy world. Your actions and beliefs continue to exoticize and dehumanize. The White media loves to categorize and stereotype. I think is sad, especially if you are a minority, that you have actually conformed and adopted their practices and culture. The same practices and culture that were used to justify slavery, genocide and racism in this country. It illustrates the poor quality your character. Nevertheless I appreciate your voice. It only hardens the will of more open minded individuals to keep fighting against people like you.
Those 2 guys who did those columbine high school shootings. I could see those 2 guys getting asian girls in fact they should been introduced to asian girls then they would have had girlfriends. By the way do you know Most white men are ugly! I've lived in 3 different cities. And in each city out of all the guys, only 3 or 4 of the white men were decent and believe me they were NOT with asian girls.
Asian women by far has a lot of class, very educated and have high morals compared to white women. White women are known to be easy... they'll sleep with anybody. They are not marriage material... you can ask any foreign men, e.g. Middle eastern, asian man.. all they want is to play around w/ white women, but as far as marriage material, every man would prefer Asian women in general... hands down.
I can't believe people are still commenting on this post. The original post was about a play, people. And part of the play discusses the stereotypes of Asian women (hence the title of this post). Almost all the comments that have followed have been exactly this -- a bunch of stereotypes. (with the exception of Mike's comments, which actually went somehwere)
why is no one talking about men being easy?
K Asian girls are not easy... thats what i have to say.
To Harold you say white women are the most beautiful????you quote ask BUT do you know thatthe most beautiful woman on the panet is a black woman and she is also the most desired by all white men???? do you know who she is???? let me awaken you from your deep slumber of ignorance...HALLE BERRY!!!!and also asian and black women are the most desired by all men of all races??? you should come to China or go to Japan or Korea....these women are nothing compared to the easy,loose white women,I am a B man and can go to any city in any county a nightclub and pick up a white woman easy.....Black men last longer and give higher sexual satisfaction than white boys,and everyone knows asian women are firm sexually if you know what I mean??? white women are wider inside that goes to tell you how much theysleep around!!And to rebecca men being easy??? get outta here!it's easier for women to chase guys coz they are more under pressure to get laid.And also is there anything men lose when it comes to virginity??? come on girl,women chase men and are easy coz they need sexual satisfaction and security of marriage so men are endangered species!!!!I say once again and I wil say this a billion times over asian women and black women are the sexiest alive!!So JLO left Puffy? or was it Puffy left JLO ask any woman who has been with a black man and changed to a white man the sex is different and they even still keep secret relations with the black guy!KOREAN,CHINESE,JAPANESE girls rule!!!
i agree with rebecca. how about the men who are easy? men who sleep around brag about it. it's seen as manly. women who sleep around are seen as whores. well you know what, men cab be whores too.p.s. comparing women to fine wines and strawberries isn't exactly appealing. no woman wants to feel like she's a commodity for consuming. ICK.