Asian Girls Are Easy

February 27, 2005

If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to go see the Asian American Theater Company's production of "Under the Rainbow" by Philip Kan Gotanda.

"Under the Rainbow" takes on sex, race, relationships and Hollywood – my favorite subjects and topics Gotanda touches on in many of his plays. I saw the play last night and was not disappointed.

The production is two one-act plays. Part one is titled, "Natalie Wood Is Dead" and features a mother and daughter duo of struggling actors trying to make it in Hollywood. There's some raw emotion as the pair confront each other over the struggles and sacrifices they each make as an actor, parent and child. Diane Emiko Takei (Gotanda's wife) plays Yoko, the mother. Pearl Wong of the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors plays the daughter, Natalie Hayashi.

More interesting was part two, "White Manifesto." It's a 50-minute monologue by a WMWA, white male with attitude, who says everything that many of us think, but most of us don't talk about when it comes to the taboo subject of white men dating Asian women.

Danny Wolohan gives a great performance as Richard Saugus, who explains to us why Asian girls are easy for an average white guy like him. The dialogue skewers and expounds on almost every stereotype, excuse, explanation and complaint you can think of when pondering the white male/Asian female phenomenon.

Saugus gives us a "chartered member's" insight into getting Asian girls that he's gleaned from "pillow talk." He also provides a rundown of the sexual differences between women of various Asian ethnic groups. It's all done to wonderful dramatic and comedic effect.

These are old and tired issues that Gotanda raises, but they don't go away if we just stop talking about them. I'm glad there are artists like Gotanda out there still.


Harry Mok

Editor in chief

Editor in Chief Harry Mok wrote about growing up on a Chinese vegetable farm for the second issue of Hyphen and has been a volunteer editor since 2004. As a board member of the San Francisco and New York chapters of the Asian American Journalists Association, Harry has recruited and organized events for student members. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a graduate student instructor in the Asian American Studies Department.



Further proving that many men just don't get it.Also, the women that date men solely based on skin color because of a fad or what's popular is probably not someone you want to get involved with. The logic is that once someone else is more popular than you once were, you'll be left behind. It's the exact same logic on why it's not a good idea to date a women that cheated or is cheating on another man to be with you.With these women, do what you want with her and broom her fast.
Why most of white men believe that asian girls are easy for sex. They have forgotten that white girls are the most easy girls i have ever seen.I lived in the states , and i got tired of playing with white girls...They are just hard for asian guys while they are easy for black men
BET is showing all those black studs to America and women like that. Maybe if there was an AET, things would change for Asian men. I heard White men that cant get white women go for Asian girls because they are losers. A lot of White girls say that.
White guy here been living in Indonesia many years. Asian girls are shallower than western girls when it comes to looks of a guy. They have a huge (no pun intended) issue with height. If a white guy is not taller than about 5.11 ft he will have a hard time dating asian girls.
First of all we all agreed Halle Barry is one of the most overrated woman around I know plenty of men who dont find her all that attractive. Ask any man and they will tell you black women are scary creatures. And as for asian women I think they are one of the most ugliest women on the planet those skinny ugly, bodies they have those bodies because of the lack of dairy in their diet. The black charcoal looking straight hair big, gigantic swollen moon faces with small little down syndrome like eyes. Look up the mongoloid race they were known for down syndrome looks. I think most guys are so embarrassed to date them that they go around trying to convince everyone that their so beautiful and delicate those are lies. You'll never see a man dateing a white woman to go around trying to convince everyone else to do the same thing. David Duchovny, Mark Shenkenburge (the german model)Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Toby Maguire, Josh Harnette MOST white men love white women. Did you know Jenna Jameson is more popular than asia carerra? And you claim white girls are loose acording to those porn movie's the men who have sex with them seem to orgasm! so is that another lie, saying their loose. I think black and asian women are jealous of white women because they can NEVER achieve their type of beauty and power in fact if you look under Wikepedia white women were the first sex slaves because they were so beautiful every man wanted one. I didn't see that written about black woman. And according to Wikepedia Asian women have down syndrome like eyes.
Neutral you must be white and so negative.This is not a web site or forum for racism,seems you represent all white men's feelings and you are the sole self crowned expert on Halle Berry? it seems your attitude is based on being rejected by black and asian women otherwise you wouldn't be so severe and insulting,can you at least be honest about your lack of knowledge about asian and black women? and to Chika perhaps your absence of poetic and aesthetic grace and attributes makes you lack an understanding of what I said about strawberries and wine...are you still a virgin? look for the kiddies website or forum discussing lego and cartoons!!Or I could give you a free tutorial on poetry 101!!!Are you into guys who believe in just going in withour foreplay??? Chika it's a new year time is running out,you betta get a sexual education and learn some poetry while you are at it.Your anger about men sleeping around is a reflection on a relationship that went sour with you but don't share it here!Neutral no matter what you say about black women and asian women you must lust at them each day in your office at your computer....that's if you have a job??? or envy guys and your friends who have asian or black women....since youv'e only been with white women hey!your'e stuck there are missing out,were you rejected by an asian woman or black woman once??? that will heal ok???asian and black women are THE most sexualy desirable,intelligent,honest and beautiful inside out on the planet period!!!!!!!!
caligula, that's not poetry. that's some cliched metaphors if i've ever seen any.
Everybody knows white women are the most beautiful women after them it would be hispanic. ...[MORE STUPID COMMENTS DELETED (FROM THE SAME PERSON ABOVE)]
Well kids, it seems most of you can't have a conversation of any substance, so we're turning this one off.
This is so untrue: 'They have a huge (no pun intended) issue with height.' I'm a shorty and I've dated a few Asian girls and the only issue they had with height was that other white men where too tall:) Seriously.
man, i'm an AM and i've dated black, white, and asian girls. White girls are a dime and dozen for me.
Hey Harry,did you notice that they linked to this review on the AATC website? cool!
That's great! Thanks for pointing that out. I would have never known.
there are many reasons why asia girls and white guys hook up but because people are so ignorant and refuse to want tohear the truth, i will not bother and start a chain reaction of sensitive idiots retorting my truisms.
I've a couple of very nice Persian Cats and a Indonesia Wife... Does that count?
Asian people probably have the highest morals in the world.I've lived in South Korea and most people there were very passionate about tradition and respect.And Asian women are nothing like western women.Asians actually respect their self.Who ever made this site is most likeky just racist.How stupid do you have to be to hate a race thats better than any other race?And I'm white....
I am a white man happily married to an asian woman. We've been together for more than 10 years and have two beautiful little girls. One thing we've noticed is that the people who tend to generalize when it comes to wm/af couples are either white women or asian men. These two groups give us the most stares when we walk down the street together.
Asian people probably have the highest morals in the world.I've lived in South Korea and most people there were very passionate about tradition and respect.And Asian women are nothing like western women.Asians actually respect their self.Who ever made this site is most likeky just racist.How stupid do you have to be to hate a race thats better than any other race?And I'm white....
what an and white girls are easily the easiest...asian girls are impossible before marriage...too damn traditional and stuff
and asian women especially don't like black white people but just in a curious way and like taking pictures with themmy brother went to japan and every where they wanted to take a picture with someone different
White men haven't done themselves any favours by heading off to do the whole mail order thing... perhaps if white guys were to fight that kind of attitude amongst themselves white women and asian men would think differently about them with asian women.On the otherhand, I know of white women and men now married to chinese partners who previously had not much luck with the respective white opposites, yet now their partners sing their praises and both couples are popping out kiddies and smiles all round. Some times just takes a different angle to see the good side of someone. one man's 'boring' is another man's princess. Personally, I think white chicks and asian lads should be more friendly to each other... the amount of times I have overheard Chinese guys talk about getting a 'pure' partner, makes me want to forget Chinese as a language
Guys, let me give you an honest answer. I am white, I prefer asian women, It's my preference because I think they look good, nice hair, nice eyes and body, generally smart people, I usually prefer women from Asia rather than USA becuase they act feminine. I am not ashamed of it at all.Now, I have dated many but it has been hellish, they have mostly treated me poorly and moved on.Asian women are intimidated by good looking men like myself, they are insecure.These are facts, I have been around them for years and understand what they are comfortable around.They prefer bald white men, or sickly looking undesirable men. They like very tall goofy men as well, poorly dressed men, naieve mama's boys.They prefer control, they like a man they can grab by the balls and lead around.Now as for Korean, they prefer Pale, bald white men.Chinese prefer men from England, usually Chinese from China though, Americans have drifted into the interracial dating scene of black men.Japan-It's all about black men in Japan. Japanese women have been known to have contest who can sleep with the most black men, I lived in little tokyo, Los Angeles and witnessed beautiful Japanese with over weight forest whitaker looking, poorly dressed slobs of african descent.They are CRAZED over men from Africa and especially Jamaica. White guys: you will never have luck with them, if you do you will have Blue eyes and blond hair. They are repulsed by anything else.As for the rest of the asian countries, they usually follow trends. Right now black men are becoming trendier to date as many chinese women have told me, and surprisingly koreans are opening up to it.I am the AUTHORITY on this subject and trust me. I have lived in LA, NY and Asia.
To club whole of Asia women as one group is not good. Asia is diverse in people, culture, history and religion. Hope you agree on this.- I am from Coimbatore City, India
no "one" race is more easy than the next and no race can possibly deemed more "traditional" sex is sex and its the same worldwide..prostitution for example, is actually quite prominent in asian traditional..who knows..but who the fuck cares..women are unique and not to be judged or praised because they're a certain race. race is irrelevant to who one is on the inside.
I don't find Asian girls easy actually when you get down to it most are kust white women with eyes that are a different shape
The issues aren't old and tired. It's the people who talk about them that makes it sound old and tired. Don't know if that's the case with this play, however (haven't seen/read it)...
U guys are jerks. As a BM who has dated asian, black, hispanic and white females I must say that people are just that people there is no set reason for a person dating preference. Any attempt to generalize or stereotype woman and their choices is absurd. There numerous factors that go into chosing a mate and they can not be be trivialized.To THE ANSWER you are an idiot and I won't dignify your comment any further.To KEV your brothers an idiot and you a simpleton.
looking for a fine asian woman to have fun with. In san san age 23-35 ht. 53-55 wt. 120 -135 If your fine asian WOMAN call me. (408)410-7602.
THE ANSWER:I have to agree with him. People are influenced by trends and television
to da_dark_side:THANK YOU. Your response is the most thoughtful and rational one on the board. I don't know how anyone can even begin to think that they know what's going on in anyone's mind when it comes to something as complex as choosing a partner.To the stereotypers who think they've got it all figured out:You idiots are only doing yourselves a disservice. Instead of trying to fit people into little boxes, why not try to see them for what they are: individual, whole people. The world must seem like a very boring place, with attitudes like yours.
A lot of American guys don't know anything about Asian women. It's that clear.
Shut the fuck up idiots. i am asian girl but i dont like ur kind of trash ppl. asian girls are easy? lol, I guessed that you spend ur life with asian porno. Might you need to go to great hospital for ur brain. Could you think real life is different with ur faverite porno life? huh? asian girls also dont like ur kind of idiots. shit
men: women are not an ice cream shop! let's not overlook sexism when examining race issues, shall we?
im so god-damn angry i want to scream! speak up about it people, i can't take this shit no longer!
ok let me be frank i don't like the idea that white men would hook up with asian women. i hate the idea.
Are you white Chelsea?
I am a central asian girl, and I can assure you most central asian girls ARE ANYTHING BUT easy!True of Uzbeki girls, afghan girls, tajik girls, turkmen girls, Kyrgyz girls!the ones that are easy are the biggest ho's around....
Hey Asian girls, wake up! The media portrays u as beings sluts and whores and Asian men (your fathers, brothers, uncles, friends, husbands, lovers etc) as weak and unmasculine. What r u doing to change those perceptions? Personally, I don;t c you doing much. R u just going to willingly let them bash u?
....they are just hard for asian guys while they are easy for black men"....yea black guys got the white girls number...see them to go to bed with a brother,...oh slip it to me baby....the white girl said
omg dude I know some black guy hes my roommate and he went to japan and droped the girls at the club easily and they were fine to. The only reason they liked him was because he had a nice car
I can honestly say white men will always say fat, white, ugly girls are the only ones that date black men. And white woman probably say white men who are very ugly who cant get any white woman always go after asian girls. And in some strange way there is a lot of truth to that. A majority of white men started dating asian girls because of Wars that broke out that means there were no white woman around so they preety much had no choice. I think white woman tend to be more conceited because so many men want to be with a white woman, so people always say cruel things about them. And as for asian girls being easier I think that is probably true. Most men know they wont be rejected by one, some white men just get on planes and go to asian countrys and come back with a wife its like coming back with a souvenier. You can never go off and just look for a white woman, that would be impossible. By the way I dont care if I misspelled anything.
MichaelI lived in Japan for many years. Ive seen black and white dudes without cars, whose primary transportation was the public train. Many of then had beautiful Japanese Girlfriends, I was one of them. In Japan a car is not a necessity like here in America. Sounds like you have an imaginative Western view on the way girls think in the East.
I think it is absolutely pathetic that people continue to view Asian women as objects and trophies for men to strut around and show off. Buying into all of these fetishes and fantasies is truly a reflection of one's stupidity. Everyone is different, regardless of culture, religion and language. People have different preferences across the board.This idea that Asian girls are easy is a FANTASY. Let's be real for a minute. The belief is that ALL WOMEN ARE EASY. There is a stereotype that Latin women are easy, that black women are easy, that white girls are easy, that Japanese girls are easy, that English girls are all sluts, that college girls are easy, that high school girls are easy, that California girls are easy, that Florida State girls are easy, that Arizona State girls are easy, go to Amsterdam because Dutch girls are all whores, hey Brazilian women are sexual freaks etc. etc. etc. Do u see a theme here? You name a group of women and men will want to believe that they are all sluts. Have u ever heard of a stereotype that such and such group of women are NOT easy? Probably not or if you did it is most likely applied to just a few groups.So then the next obvious question is why have we not heard such an idea? Well simply because that does not fall into the male desire that all women are easy and the female desire that all women are sluts except them. That is our human fantasy. Asian girls fall into that. Also from a commercial point of view it does not sell vacation trips, clothes, movies and music. Men will always want to believe that all women are easy and that they secretly desire us and are sexual beasts blah blah blah, when in fact most women are simply looking for love, financial security and upward social mobility in order to support themselves and their children.And even if you did go to Japan or China or Brazil or England or whatever for a year let’s say you did get lucky had sex with 20, 50 or even 100 women. Which by the way is extremely unlikely. Those 20, 50 even 100 women are just a small percentage of ALL the women you would have meet, befriended, interacted with, and passed by on the street that entire year. If ALL Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian or English Women are “easy” why wouldn’t every single women u met have sex with you? If all those women are “easy” they you should have had sex with a different women every single day, every single hour. My point is that even in the few most extreme and unlikely cases, the evidence still does not support the idea that ALL women from such and such a group are “easy”.If u are an insecure guy (which most of us are) why wouldn’t u want to believe that all Asian or Latina or Black or White women are easy and desire you. Remember this: People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe regardless of numbers, surveys and FACT. If you are confident in who you are and what you can provide as a lover, companion and friend why would you even give these ideas and these speculations a second thought? Why would they ever excite you? Think about that…I feel that this issue taps into a larger issue of male-female relations. I think men in general need to start looking at women, all women regardless of their origin, creed or culture as individuals more so than just objects or sexual conquests. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so many problems in the world. Wake up people don’t believe the hype! It is an insult to your intelligence. And if you choose to believe in it, that just illustrates your lack of objective perception which is probably based in heavy insecurity.
You want to know an example of why Asian women are easy?Becaue of Woody Allen he met Son Yi his adopted foster daughter at an underage. If any man were to ever try having sex with a 14 year old white girl she would have screamed child molestation or rape! But then this disgusting, gross, Soon Yi thing went and married a white man that clearly molested her. But asian girls are so easy that they like to get molested. Soon Yi and Woody Allen are married now with a child, that is why people say asian women are easy. Look! this underage asian girl married this ugly, hideous, old man that any white girl would try to stick in prison you are DISGUSTING! and you know it. Disgusting ass asian girl you betrayed a woman that adopted you because you are easy!
Excuse me if I misspelled the ugly soon yi's name she was a nasty little gross thing anyway. What type of girl marrys a man that molests her?
An asian girl of course!
Earth Girls are easy. Mars needs women...