See You in Man Jose

February 3, 2005

While we're on the subject of speaking on panels, I've been boning up on readings from Moving The Image (a book I saved from an Asian American Studies class I took five years ago at UC Berkeley). I'm trying to prepare for ECAASU in two weeks. I'm excited/nervous/terrified about the panel(s) I'll be speaking on/moderating (I'm pretty sure I'll be moderating and speaking as a panelist, though I don't quite know yet) about media and social change, and Hyphen's voice/place in Asian American media. I'm trying to anticipate what some questions might be that conference attendees will be asking. I want to be prepared, or at least sound like I know my ish.

On the other hand, I was sent a couple of questions in advance for this Man Jose panel, and I have no idea how to answer any of them. Critical thinking and dating issues just don't belong in the same sentence in my opinion (or in my "case")--it's all heart and feeling, and hope and timing.

I guess I'll just smile and look cute and hope that'll excuse me from having to wax intelligent on the subject of love. Sometimes cute is all you need.