M.I.A. - So Necessary

February 4, 2005

I spoke with the awesome British/Sri Lankan emcee M.I.A. today. She was in good spirits though a little disoriented by the amount of attention being placed on her. The rapper had a sold out show last night in L.A. that had all kinds of press and label peoples out.

I asked if she had anything to say to Asian America, she said:

“I just want to say I’m really impressed by the turnout at the gig yesterday. There were loads of Asian Americans there. I haven’t met the community and it opened the world up for me today. I really want to access it. I want to get in touch.”

Her album drops on Feb. 22 on XL Recordings. "Galang" and "Fire Fire" are available on iTunes.




Nice. M.I.A.'s stuff is off the richter! Kind of like a South Asian Neenah Cherry ... her art is sick too. At first I kindof thought she was overdoing it with the political angle -- but I understand, marketing and all ....
So glad you mentioned M.I.A.! "Galang" is totally galing!
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M.I.A. is in Philadelphia this weekend with a show on Sunday night. She had a nice article in last week's Sunday paper (The Inquirer)
i saw her twice at SXSW. she killed it both times.
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