Go Jin, Tell It Like it Is

February 6, 2005

So, it really helped soothe my already severe culture shock to come back to the Hot 97 tsunami song scandal. It just made me want to cocoon in my house and listen to old Bengali songs on my tape recorder even more. But Jin tha MC became my new hero when I heard his retort to Miss Jones and the Hot 97 crew. Not only is the song clever and dead-on, but he steps it up for Asian Americans in a way that I don’t remember happening before. There was surely no one rapping about Vincent Chin’s murder back in the day, but there wasn’t even anyone spitting lyrics about Abercrombie a few years ago.

Mad props, Jin. Imma go out and buy your album right now, boyee.




I think that song was sick and perverted. It's a shame to waste the time of the people on a sick twisted song made by sick perverted mind and a fowl mouth.
That song is sick and wrong. Why would you make fun of everybody including God your maker? Just beause a tsunami hit doesn't mean you can be aa?=hole!!!!
yo wats poppin i think dat song waz hot, jins doin wat hes doin,u think just wen sum 1nz preachin bout wat happen 2 their homes an bout the tsunami sh1t jins really steped up an made a song bout it 2 show dat he cares.jin dats wat up dog keep doin wat u doin 1 huned peace
Jin responded to the hot 97 crew pretty well, and the company that owns that station. Asians in American pop culture are non-existent. Its a shame that William Hung album outsold Jins Learn Chinese album. That says alot. look out for this asian artist named MIA J, check out her new video on launch music.
I saw Mia J Video on BET., She is hot. She has the potential to be a big star. She can break the barrier for Asians. I remember when Jin was Ripping up MCs on 106th and Park on BET. Jin is a great battle MC. I liked him on 2 fast 2 furious part 2. You can order all those battles online.