This or That: This is Where It's At

March 1, 2005

The three opening acts before Black Sheep were a big reminder of why I'm waaay over my underground hip-hop days (I leave that to the Backpacker crowd): No originality, wack beats and production, and biting other people's styles. I realized that many of the "random Asians" I saw at the club were probably there to support one of the opening acts.

Believe me when I say you probably won't ever see me at another hip-hop show like that again. If you do, I'll only show up ten minutes before the headlining act. Or at a Massive Selector party. I've become a music snob, especially when it comes to hip-hop.

On the flip side of things: You definitely won't see/hear any wack hip-hop at MY event on March 12th. If you happen to be in the Bay Area, or you're an avid NAATA film festival-goer, then please check out Directions in Sound My friend Dan put together the punk/indie rock night at Cafe Du Nord (Friday, March 11th), so you should check that out too!

I'll be around the festival, so feel free to say Hi or chat me up. If I'm drunk enough, maybe I'll drag you to karaoke or to do shots at Dimples--we will be in Japantown, after all!

I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go!