Representin At the Oscars

March 1, 2005

How long til a song in Hindi, or Mandarin, or Thai, do you think?

There WERE some Asians and Asian Americans honored in the glitz fest, mostly in the background. But at Hyphen we put Asians in the spotlight, so here's my list of those who made us proud --feel free to add to it.

Sandra Oh. Stunning in red, she glowed --even though she wasn't up for an award and Sideways only won for its screenplay. Plus, she was included in all of the red carpet fashion reviews and got some screen time. And ABC ran several ads for her new show, "Grey's Anatomy."

Zhang Ziyi. She was a presenter with Jake Gyllenhaal (why? very weird pair) and spoke the most english I've ever heard her utter. Which was about 10 words. But she's gorgeous.

Zhao Xiaoding. Nominated for cinematography for "House of Flying Daggers." I don't even know if he was there, and he didn't win anyway. But hey, keeping us on the map.

The rest of the this list are all the people who didn't even get to go on stage, --with the new award-in-the-aisle system the winners barely left their seats. tacky. anyway...

Sejong Park. Nominated for his animated short film, "Birthday Boy" about a Korean kid playing war as his dad fights.

Ashvin Kumar. Nominated for his short film, "Little Terrorist" about a Pakistani boy who loses his ball in a minefield at the Indian border. And he looked really cool.

Byambasuren Davaa. A Mongolian filmmaker nominated for her documentary film "The Story of the Weeping Camel" that everyone says should've won. She's strikingly pretty, too.

Takuo Miyagishima. A really nice looking old Japanese guy, who won the Gordon E. Sawyer award for lifetime achievement --he's designed a bunch of lenses and an eyepiece leveler (whatever that is), in his many years at Panavision. (He's one of the people who got his award the night before from Scarlett Johannson and was relegated to the balcony (the BALCONY!) during the show.)

Well, that's all I spotted (I did fast-foward through it --thanks Tivo!). A pretty short list. Let's do better next year, team.

Meanwhile, go watch the films, buy the eyepiece leveler, or support your starving actor friend lunch.




soon come. you will see this within the next two years - next year for a nominee. it took African Americans How long??? and Denzel still couldn't snag Julia Roberts in Pelican bets for 'first on the stand' are:Parminder NagraSandra OhDaniel Kimand maybe B.D. WongJohn Cho may get to co-host.....but hey, i'm not really a follower of that sort of thing.Ben Kingsley has been nominated hasn't he?