Another Asian American Doctor

April 11, 2005

I can barely remember ER, but wasn't this the kind of character Ming Na played? Wasn't her character accused of being, well, too clinical? Those Asian robot doctors, so stoic and unfeeling, all about the science and not about the patients. Makes you kind of appreciate the stoner med student that Kal Penn played in Harold & Kumar.

Well, it's only been 3 episodes, so hopefully her character will flesh out some more and we'll get to find out what's going on beneath that hardened, tough-ass exterior. I've enjoyed the show so far. And I've really liked Sandra Oh in almost everything I've seen her in so far. I think this will turn out to be a good thing for Asian American representation on prime time. Yes, another Asian American playing a doctor, but hey, have you seen the kids at med school lately? Certainly based in reality. Now, how about adding some Filipino nurses on the show?


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

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Eww she's ugly
I've met her in person (Ok, I was in the same room as her) and she's actually quite stunning in person. She may not be your typical idea of beauty according to the same old media images that get pushed onto us, but she's got a very compelling and beautiful pressence.
The problem with Sandra Oh is that she is not very supportive of Asian Americans, in particular, Asian American men. Have some pride in your race Sandra. Shatter the stereotype that you need to sleep with white men to get ahead in a profession.
Hmm...there are not alot of popular (celebs) asians in America. And if there are, they're usually actresses that play ALL similar roles. Like tough women or women who pracitce martial arts,etc. I think they should make a different kind of role for someone asian to play, because they're not all tough like that. beats being portrayed as a criminal, junkie, bum or hopeless member of a perpetual underclass. doctor is good!