Margaret Cho Slays Me

June 22, 2005

She seemed a little tired, but she was still hilarious. I think maybe this wasn't her best show (thought I couldn't tell you why exactly). She's lost quite bit of weight. I know it's messed up for me to zero in on that right away, but it was the first thing I noticed. I was kind of surprised she didn't say anything about it -- Margaret's not shy about anything and she's gone over the weight issue before in a prior show, recounting the pressure she was under to slim down when she was on All American Girl.

Of course, she did one of her great imitations of her mom, but she only did one, like it was a requirement and she knew people expected it. The best though was her impression of Bjork. I thought I was going to burst, I was laughing so hard.

Anyways, I recommend her show. Here's her tour schedule. Did you know she keeps a blog too? It's pretty serious stuff. She's actually quite serious in person, at least the one time I interviewed her over the phone. But they say that about a lot of comedians.


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

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I had sixth row seats. And she was awesome. And you should definitely post the line: "You don't have to be a feminist. You should just BE a feminist. And if you're not a feminist . . . kill yourself."
Correction: "You don't have to be A WOMAN to be a feminist. You should just BE a feminist. And if you're not a feminist . . . kill yourself."