Funny Desi Girl on New MTV Comedy Show

July 28, 2005

Check out Rasika Mathur Thursday night on the new MTV, Nick Cannon, comedy show Wild 'N Out. From what I hear, the show is a more hip hop version of something like Whose Line Is It Anyway, which sounds fresh. It is awesome to see South Asian sisters being represented by the likes of a loud, in-your-face comedian like Rasika, who I saw back in 2002 at this amazing South Asian arts festival in LA called Artwallah. Speaking of representations of South Asian women, this site had me laughing and identifying. While we are on the topic of strong South Asian women, I picked up the latest Stuff Magazine in the airport the other day because it was featuring the women of the latest Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn vehicle The Wedding Crashers. I am interested in going to see this movie because the duo supposedly crash an Indian wedding in the movie. And sure enough, there was a South Asian women, Naureen Zaim in there posing in her skivvies. Anyway, reading her brief bio I found at that she is a semi-professional boxer who has a 6-0 record with two knock outs. Now that's badass.




Zaim shows her tities in the movie also. I dont think she is a model for South Asian women.
>> semi-professional boxer who has a 6-0 record with two knock outsI don't think her record stands at that anymore.Check out:
you make it sound like she's lost. but i was at the fight where she made herself 7-0. which, i might add, is where she stands today.
She should represent her South Asian sisters in South Asia. Get out of America you dots.
She has a skinny teenage boy body with implants..typical celeb! but she's still badass cuz im sure her paki parents don't like her career!