Tsunami Song Producer Coming To San Francisco

July 8, 2005

Can you believe it? File this one under WTF?!?! They fired the Doghouse and found this piece of crap to replace it? Don't they know there are a ton of Asians in the Bay Area, who found Rick Delgado's song to be racist and plain insensitive to the pain and suffering of thousands of people in Southeast Asia? I guess they just don't care. Or they're banking on the fact that Asians in the Bay Area don't care. So, please don't let them be right.

Now, I come from the 'hood and do admit I've listened to 94.9 in the past, but will have to spread the word to all my peeps .. take 94.9 off your dial!

Complete story from the San Jose Mercury News here:
Station hires twice-fired producer of offensive parody




This is outrageous. Something we should organize a demonstration about, for sure. For what did people mobilize and get angry about in New York, only for him to be gainfully employed here? Let's make sure they know we're watching, and we're PISSED.
We have freedom of speech, a right to express opinions. In this case, comedy to distract us from disaster. There is nothing wrong with it. It doesn't mean he's heartless, he's just following what his bosses tell him, what is expected of a radio producer. So blame the radio stations.
I think people are taking this too far, and I'm a bit disappointed to see such a biased attitude from a magazine.Surely people should be aware of who he is, and what he did. But don't castrate him for trying to earn a living, and supplying food on the table for his family.
Tommy, keep in mind this is a blog entry. My blog entry. My opinion. You have your thoughts and opinions; I have my thoughts and opinions. If you don't agree with my thoughts and opnions, that's fine with me. We're both free to express them.
Um, you call that comedy? You have a sick sense of humor.Yes, freedom of speech. He can say whatever he wants, and he did. But it seems pretty insensitive on the part of a Bay Area radio station to hire someone who so blatantly said such offensive things about Asians.
The Asian Law Caucus is circulating an online petition against Delgado's hiring.
I think Eryka has one good point in there--we should blame the radio stations, not the minstrel puppets who serve them--they are a dime a dozen.But that's what we did in protesting his hiring by the station--tried to put pressure on the station that was attempting to capitalize on his racist notoriety.
he has plenty of money, writing inappropriate songs to gain national press is not acceptable
ridiculous..delgado shouldn't be hired
Anybody who says don't blame this guy is out of his or her mind. Anybody who profits or thinks he can profit off of hate should feel the wraith of anybody else who felt hurt by the song. THATS RIGHT!! WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH TOO!! and this will come through numerous demonstrations, political rallies, and protests. An idiot like this guy and any radio station that supports him deserves it. Fuck that, if anything it just incites racism and violence. New York did the right thing, now the west coast should too. What a bunch of idiots. Its pretty sad that someone would ever write a song basically making fun of people who died tragically. I hope this guy doesnt exemplify the African American race cause if thats the case, I wont say the rest....