No White Boys

August 1, 2005

Read a description of the show at It includes quotes from the artists, Joy Liu and Tiffany Eng.

The gallery space is regularly curated by activist Greg Morozumi. Has anyone seen the show? It's up til the end of August at:

Asian Resource Gallery
310 Eighth St @ Harrison
Oakland Chinatown (in walking distance from Lake Merritt or Downtown 12th St. Oakland BART)


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

Melissa Hung is the founding editor of Hyphen. She was the editor in chief for the magazine's first five years and went on to serve in many other leadership roles on the staff and board for more than a decade. She is a writer and freelance journalist. Her essays and reported stories have appeared in NPR, Vogue, Pacific Standard, Longreads, and Catapult, among others. She grew up in Texas, the eldest child of immigrants. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.



I went to the show last Thursday. Its really great, the art was fantastic. Um...haven't heard much about anyone mad about it, but I can imagine a bunch of emo white kids aren't too pleased :)
'emo'?i read the little interview. it didn't shed much light imho.
emo = short for emotive indie rock. Or emotive hardcore. (Depends on who you ask and how much of a music geek the person you ask is). But generally, thrift-store clothes wearing hipsters who like indie rock.
Imagine a white person with a shirt "I don't date black people". You'd never hear the end of the outrage.
Nah, I dony think blacks will get outraged by that. To be honost they wont care.
emo = emotive indie rock!? well, you learn something new every day, although I doubt this is going to be a 'final round' question on Jeopardy any time soon. I thought it was Elmo's hidden twin.So is there 'non-emotive' indie rock - kind of a 'Mr. Spock Rock'?Is there an 'emotive franchise' rock?frankly, i have a hard time dealing with thrift store clothing wearers who vacation in Europe; have the 20G i-pod, drive a MiniCooper and constantly complain about being poor.but, hey, I'm picky.
while i know what you mean, questioner, i will say that there are some folks who know they're comfortably middle-class yet still wear thrift-shop duds: it has to do w/not wanting to support sweatshops, being more environmentally friendly (instead of creating a demand for more brand-new products), & yeah, also sometimes about the aesthetic (depending on what kinds of thrift store clothes you get).
oh yes, i can get with the recycle\reuse thing, just i can't stand hearing the 'broke blues' from trust fund babies. they don't know from having it tough. spare me.but, as with most things - 'always' and 'never' always never happens.
what's good y'all -- well as for who got upset about the show, they were mostly white liberals (not the emo-hipster kind, but the non-profit kind... if you know what i mean), who were shattered by the specific pointing out of "WHITE" guys. they were folks in the building who thought the artwork would cause funders to go running. they wanted the show to go down immediately, saying it caused a "hostile working environment". but everyone has been, for the most part, very supportive -- so big public thank you to everyone who's gone to see the show; it's our first baby step to showing... and for anyone interested, we *are* selling hand- or screen-printed t-shirts with the handy saying on it, "i don't date white guys". holler.
so did the shattered hipsters gather themselves sufficiently to have a conversation about the issue?were there any couples shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot?any females hastily leading their beaus out the door?
Didn't mean to make a big deal out of the "emo" comment, it was just offhand. I was referring to white liberals, a lot of whom I consider to be in the emo crowd.Anyways, thanks for the info on the shirts, Joy.
The question is, what are these gooks doing in America in the first place? America is a country that belongs to white people. It isn't Asia, and gooks don't belong in it. These gooks Joy Liu and Tiffany Eng invade a white country and live in it where they don't belong, infesting it like the slitty eyed insects they are, and then repay the true owners of the country (white people stupid enough to allow them to live here and not murdering them like they probably should) by making t-shirts with slurs against them? I think someone is going to have to commit a hate crime against these gooks that involves alot of slow torture.
okay slopheadgookhater, thanks for sharing. next!
hater, the only people who may even have a right to complain about people invading this country are native americans. it's the white people who invaded this country, not anyone else. stop drinking the hatorade.
What happened to the post that named this racist motherf*cker ("slopheadgookhater") is really a person named "Bill Becker"? Did somebody make a mistake or did "Bill Becker" make more direct threats to "commit a hate crime"?Anyways, whoever this shithead is, I hope his shitty life gets shittier by the hour until he decides to do the universe a favor and blows his shitty head off. I'll bet every acquaintance and family member of his will be relieved that this jackass is out of their lives. I'll bet some of them pray for this to happen every single day.
hi. don't recall any such post showing up as a comment. we have no record of it.
Hmmm. I must have been seeing things. I could have sworn seeing it a few days ago. It didn't last very long, but someone's post said "slopheadgookhater is Bill Becker" and gave a link to his email address. Maybe someone else could verify this? Maybe not. Oh, well.In any case, the person who wrote under the ID of "slopheadgookhater" really is a motherf*cker. Also, I'm sure everybody he knows thinks he's the most boring and disgusting person THEY know. Oh, but of course, whatever the case, his mother definitely doesn't think her son is a motherf*cker, I'm sure.
Heh.I wonder if the "outraged" whites would have been just as outraged had the shirts said "I don't date Asian men."It's funny how white men get all indigent as long as they're not included but as soon as someone else is mistreated or not included, they tell them to stop whining.