Most Expensive Wedding Ever

August 18, 2005

So, I was home sick from work yesterday and ended up watching The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Weddings on VH1. I attended FOUR weddings this summer and am now well-versed in the intensity and craziness that is an Indian wedding. The term BLING was created for Indian nuptials. My boyfriend and I were joking about how these Hollywood types don’t have shit on Indians and how the real show would feature fabulous Indian weddings, complete with horses and elephants and a bride worth her weight in gold. And then – it happened! This show featuring Christina Aguilera’s engagement ring and Donald Trump’s wife’s $200,000 wedding dress, featured an Indian wedding held at Versailles this June – which was apparently the most expensive wedding ever. This wedding was held by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, whose net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of $54 billion, for his 23-year-old daughter Vanisha. Apparently, the wedding of the universe was all over the British and Indian media. As excited as I get to see South Asian culture getting props on MTV and VHI, I have to admit that this opulence makes me feel pretty disgusted.




These rich people who have NO shame nor respect.......are NOTHING BUT DOGS!The 'male/female Whores' who par-take of such marriages are doomed to dispair and disappointments!!Just luck at the life of the former Princess Diana!!!
OMG I was watching the faboulus life of celebrity weddings and donald trump had a wedding cake that was 2,000 dollars and 7 feet tall over a thousand vanilla roses and was 200 pounds!!those lucky rich bastards!!!lol
VHI's Fabulous wedding is amazing! It is so fun!
do you have any expensiv wedding in ethiopia if you have send me asnas poseblethank you.
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well i just want to tell you all that im gay and enjoy spending time with my boyfriend.
damn tha mittal wedding was the greatest evah..