Korean American Adoptee Is Making a Movie

August 2, 2005

yellow ribbon.jpg Back when I was in a Duncan dance company (Isadora, that is,) we needed to raise $$ to go to Hungary. We had a couple garage sales, we put on a few performances, we were thousands short of our goal. Somehow our director was contacted by an independent film production company and before we knew it, we were "gypsy dancers" in a dream sequence of a film called --I can't remember. German title, South Asian American film. it didn't really matter, the important part was that we'd get 500 bucks to dance around like wackos/temptresses in a circle around the male lead. It was fun. We gathered down on the abandoned docks of China Basin, a professional working our hair and makeup into a stylized gypsification that would have horrified any Roma activists out there in their stereotypical gaudy, bangly color. Also weird was the fact that one of the "gypsies" was Chinese and the another Japanese. but whatever. So it's been years since that shoot, and I have yet to see the finished film. Every 6 months or so i check the website to see if there's any update (after thinking for a couple days to remember the name of the film... damn it, what was it?). So that's why I'm a little worried about this film: Tie a Yellow Ribbon. True, Korean American adoptee Joy Dietrich has several short films under her belt, and if the photo above is any indication, a sensibility for arresting imagery. But she's still working on getting finishing funds. I would hate to be wondering, three years from now, "what ever happened to that film...what was it called? The title was some song..." Good or bad, I love having AA films hit the screen -gives us something to argue about-- so check out her site, read the article and hey, while you're at it, throw a few bucks her way. $50,000 or more buys you an executive producer credit!)




Interesting blog. You might find this adoptee article interesting as well:Adoption - Is Heritage a Human right?
How great to see more news on Korean Americans...Korean American Adoptees! Thank you for this post & article. Hope you can come visit my Blog where I share my personal story of being a Korean American Adoptee and check to check out other very interesting links to korean music, artist and writers! -KyungMee
I've curated one of Joy Dietrich's short films for my festival a couple years ago and can attest to her talent.
we're working with her at my office to give her funding, so it should work out! i'm looking forward to seeing it...
sounds interesting and the little linked story looks good. So, $50k and you're an EP? Not an outrageous sum of money. Does she have an offer package or prospectus? She is making movies about what she knows. It works for Scorsese, Lee and Allen. Can't help but notice the 'white America' thing. Nice that she defined it as 'white' and not just 'America' with the silent assumption of 'white'.
Ah, I remembered the name of that film we danced in! Mitsein.http://www.geocities.com/aparnamalladi/mitsein.htmlYou can see on their website that it's stuck in the water. Nothin's happened since like, 2003.Anybody know anything about it?