Badminton Badasses, a Pinoy Rocker & the Crazy Lady

August 26, 2005

Now, on to another kind of rocking. Has anyone been following Rock Star, that show where contestants vy to become the new singer of INXS? Still in the running is MiG, a Filipino Austrailian now living in London. His real name is Miguel Alfonso Ramon Legarda Ayesa (try saying that 3 times in a row).

Dude is proud of his heritage too. (Right on!) Here's a quote from him about choosing what song to sing. "The neat thing I did was to choose the song 'Lola.' It wasn’t even my top five choices, but if it meant that next week I will be able to choose ANY song, then I am happy for the trade. 'Lola' is a classic, but I’ve worked out a new arrangement with the House band. 'Lola' also means grandmother in Tagalog, so this song is dedicated to my Gigi, who was my lola and to celebrate my Filipino connection. I just need to make it work, show spontaneity and survive this coming week's elimination show."

Read a bunch of stories about him here, including one penned by his cousin.

Some serious news: Jack Herzig, who helped Japanese Americans get redress for the internment died earlier this week.

And speaking of the internment, Michelle Malkin's book In Defense of Internment is on sale at the Manzanar National Historic Site. Um, huh? Crazy Lady can write whatever she wants, but why does Manzanar choose to carry such an inflammatory book? I mean, lots of the people visiting, presumably, have family members that were imprisoned in the camps (if they weren't themselves). The story broke here on the Daily Kos.


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