Another Asian Reality Hottie

August 30, 2005

ryan conferido.jpg What is not to love about Ryan? Check out that hair! And the boy is one of 14 finalists on "So You Think You Can Dance" -the dancer's version of "American Idol." Not only is Ryan Asian American, he's one of just a few b-boys who have made it through the first eliminations. Of course, I have only watched it once so I don't know how he's been doing lately, but he's hung in there with the formally trained dancers in a competition that heavily favors those with studio time over street time. I do know that Allan Frias, known as "Big Poppa" on the show is a hip hop teacher in San Francisco -and some Hyphen staffers take his class! And I took a salsa class (probably the most suggestive combination I've ever done) from Alex da Silva, one of the judges. The next eliminations will be determined by audience vote --and wouldn't it be great to see an Asian up there? And luckily, you have not one but two to choose from! Another Filipina: Melody Lacayanga. Melody is awesome. She doesn't have a signature hairdo like Ryan, but she's got awesome technique, she can shake it in hip-hop class, and she can hang out in arabesque like she's sipping coffee at Peets. If you don't give a cracked nut about dance I'm not going to change your mind -but tune in at the end to vote! I want to keep seeing my peeps being represented on the tube.




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