You Can Comment Away Again

September 2, 2005

  • An update on the AA gal who took a cell phone photo of the sicko who exposed himself on the subway. A suspect has been arrested.
  • Here's a lengthy story on Sandra Oh in McLean's.

    A quote from a friend of hers in the story: "What makes Sandy distinctive is that she's successful as she is without pandering to the white image of what an Asian should look like. Most Asian women we see onscreen have had their eyelids done. She hasn't decided to have the surgery to look like a Caucasian Asian."

    Another reason why I like Oh.

    I wonder who has had their eyes done.

  • Finally, some of you may have noticed that the comments function had been well, nonfunctional the past couple days. See, we get a lot of spam so sometimes we go a little overboard trying to prevent spammers from posting comments. Apparently, one of us bloggers, in our zeal, did something that screwed up all comment-posting ability. I was wondering why it was so quiet on here. Anyways, one of our bad ass techies, Chao, has fixed it now. So comment to your heart's content. And yeah to Chao for saving the day!
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