Mail-Order Bride Murderer Sentenced

September 23, 2005

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September 23, 2005
Ex-Pharmaceutical Executive Sentenced to 8 Years in the Beating Death of His Wife

A former professor and pharmaceutical executive who was found guilty of beating his wife to death and then staging a car accident to cover it up was sentenced on Thursday to eight years in prison.

Prosecutors had argued that the former executive, Jonathan W. Nyce, 55, who founded and headed his own company, should get the maximum, 11½ years, for killing his wife, Michelle Nyce, 34, when he slammed her face into the floor of their garage in Hopewell Township nearly two years ago. On the night of her death, Mrs. Nyce had just returned from having a tryst with her landscaper in a motel.

In July, a jury here in State Superior Court of Mercer County found Mr. Nyce guilty of passion/ provocation manslaughter, a lesser crime than murder, the original charge.

"We're very, very displeased with the sentence," said Doris Galuchie, an assistant prosecutor, in an interview after the hearing. "We think it's far too lenient. He never ever accepted a shred of responsibility for his actions."

The day was fraught with drama, tears and accusations. Prosecutors said that Mr. Nyce had been dishonest from the beginning of the case, and they insisted that he should be punished for it. Michelle Nyce's family lamented their loss. The judge attested to what he saw as Mr. Nyce's otherwise good character but said he was troubled by the defendant's "dissembling."

As for Mr. Nyce, he made his first extended public comments since his wife was found in the middle of a creek behind the wheel of her S.U.V., her head bloodied and split, in central New Jersey on a snowy morning in January 2004.

"I love Michelle with all my heart," he said as he stood in an orange inmate jumpsuit, chains dangling from his shackled wrists and ankles. "I still love her." He paused and sobbed. "I loved her with everything I could. I supported her in any way I could."

Mr. Nyce said he cashed in half his pension and took a second job so he could buy property and build new homes for his wife's family in the Philippines. He said he sent food and developed a playground there.

The Nyces were the parents of three young children, two boys and a girl, who are now living with Mr. Nyce's brother in Pennsylvania. Mr. Nyce had started and had run EpiGenesis Pharmaceuticals, but his hopes for a revolutionary asthma drug were dashed and he was forced out of the company.

Prosecutors argued that Mr. Nyce might not have been the doting father he had portrayed himself to be.

"He wasn't saving lives," Ms. Galuchie said. "He was an unemployed father who was, quite frankly, taking an interest in his children for the first time."

Mr. Nyce erupted. "That's too much!" he shouted. He glared at Ms. Galuchie and moved forward in his seat. His lawyer, Robin K. Lord, clasped his shoulder. "That's too much, your honor," he repeated.

A few moments later Ms. Galuchie said, "This man didn't even pay for his own wife's funeral."

Mr. Nyce again shouted from the defense table: "I was in jail! Jesus!"

Larissa Soos, a friend of Michelle Nyce, said that she "had to do everything herself and was lonesome at times." Ms. Soos added, "She died so young and so tragic, and she never had a chance to say good-bye."

Judge Wilbur H. Mathesius said he had taken Mr. Nyce's character and history into account in his sentencing. "Much of what Jonathan Nyce did in his life was good," he said.

But he took issue with the way Mr. Nyce and his lawyer described the events that led to Mrs. Nyce's death. "The term 'accident' in no sense sums up what was eventuated," he said. Mr. Nyce will most likely be eligible for parole in about five and a half years.




What exactly makes her a "mail-order bride"?
As a filipina I despise the fact that some of our women "sell" themselves for a better life. I have encountered several mail order brides from my own country, one of them even tried to have an affair with my boyfriend. Most of this women came from poor families, so when they get a piece of the " american life" they get wild and their true colors comes out. Most of this women marries old men with benefits then tries to have affairs with younger better looking men to their husbands dismay... i believe if you're gonna sell yourself... you better be appreciative of what your buyer gives you!!!
The 'murdered' woman did not even know the name of the man she was having sex it.I think she is a gold digger. and a great 'mother' to her 3 kids?
you're sick. you have no respect for women or life. you'd probably kill your sister and be proud of it.
I search for the husband, and I want to consider a marriage as joint love.Many Russian women want love in a marriage. And part of the Ukrainian women want only to change citizenship
Everything thing that happens is God's will. God wanted her to die. God wanted her husband to go to jail. Only God knows why.THE LESSON:If you do God's will, God will bless your life because his justice requires Him to bless those who love Him. If you do evil God will give you up to a shameful fate because that is just also.
I could never understand why people participate in relationships they are not committed to 100%. I read NEVER LEAVE ME, the story of Nyce and it seems to me that Jonathan Nyce was not as controlling as stated because she did have all this time to pursue an extra marital relationship. Let's face it, there was breathing room in there and their relationship was not led by a sargeant. In my opinion, not that it matters much, Michele married for the promise of a better life but when she got it she wanted to use the rewards with someone new. She wanted the ammenities without having to keep matrimonial promises. It is a shame that at the bottom of the issue are three children who were caught in the middle who now miss a mom and a dad. Jealousy is human nature and it can make any individual turn on the one he/she loves the best. If at all the solution is Divorce & distance so that your heart can learn to trust again!
Good, let Jonathan Nyce appeal- Hopefully he'll be found guilty of a more serious charge and will spend the rest of his life in prison. And how dare he use the kids having no parents, as an excuse to try to get out of jail when HE is the one who murdered their mother! It's outrageous! And the conduct of his lawyer, Robin Lord, is absolutely disgusting! Whether Michelle was having an affair or not, it DOES NOT give her husband hte right to kill her. You can still be a good mother and love your children, even if having an affair!
Cheating is bad.Murder is bad.Why is it bad to point out that cheating is wrong?
I was friends with Michelle from 1996 until she moved to New Jersey with her husband and family in 1999. They came back for a Visit in 2000. Michelle was isolated from Friends in New Jersey and she really missed her parents,and siblings in the Phillipines. She was always talking about how much she wanted them to see her children and how Jonathan kept telling her she had to wait longer until they bought a nicer home. He finally let her visit the Phillipines;but Jonathan wouldn't allow her to bring her children with her to the Phillipines to see her family.She was the primary caregiver to her children and did her own housework-she was very busy when I knew her when she lived in Greenville,N.C. She never got a break with 3 small children and nobody to really help her. Jonathan-her husband was always working and trying to start up and expand Epigenesis. I know he loved her and their children very much. The problem is-he had somewhat of a controlling personality with Michelle and the children. He was very particular about them riding with other parents of their children's friends. The car had to be practically brand new and meet all safety criteria. I remember Jonathan becoming extremely angry with Michelle for going to Barnes and Nobles with a girl friend and not getting home exactly at the time he specified for her to get home. I always remember Michelle saying-whatever Jonathan wants is what I'll do. Jonathan always told her to do as he said and she could have anything she wanted-expensive cars,clothes,etc... I really don't think Michelle cared that much about expensive things-until Jonathan started buying her all this expensive stuff to almost entice her to agree with abiding by his strict rules:such as she wasn't allowed to drive outside of the town of Greenville,N.C.that we lived in unless he was with her. I know for a fact that Michelle never cheated on Jonathan when they lived in Greenville and she certainly never seemed to have a desire to. She was always talking about Jonathan and pleasing him. She seemed to really love him. She was always playing with her children-games,taking them to the park,etc... She spent so much time with her children and was so loving. This is the Michelle I knew-In Greenville,N.C. She was so sweet and you couldn't help but want to be her friend. Her son Alex and my son Zachary were friends. We all just lost touch with her when she moved to New Jersey. She did call me several times;but I was too busy with my life to go see her or keep in touch. Now I regret that!!! Sincerely,Rebecca .
Most Thai Brides just want a loyal husband to look after them
Mail Order Bride -- One Hell of a Ride...
You, Mr. Narayanan, have no right to judge Michelle Nyce. She was a very good friend to many people, including me, until he began isolating her. You did not live her life. Maybe you should get one of your own!
I am just hearing about this tragic MURDER of this loving mother, who I knew in Greenville NC. I took care of her children in the nursery at a health club. Michelle was a good mother who doted on her children. She seemed isolated from friends and she was certainly the primary care giver. She was very stringent about who she would allow to babysit her children. She asked me about babysitting 2x but never followed up on it. I can now understand why. Her husband seemed odd and distant and I am sure he was controlling. The Michelle who is portrayed in the media is a false image. This lady was kindhearted to everyone and she adored her children.
the isinto no ofis
I also have read the book "Never Leave Me" after reading the book i am so dismay of the sentencing.and murderer husband and his lawyer Robin Lord was still upset about the verdict that he was found guilty and was send to jail for 8 yrs. for them it was still unfair. GOOD LORD!SOB...he was already a very lucky guy to served just 8 yrs in jail or even might be lesser than that. There was no justice given to michelle. My heart bleeds for what happened to her and to her family.
She was a tramp and got what she deserved.
Ah the "Womyn"......superior in every way..........and if you don't think so,that magic word "Misogynist" works wonders, don't it....GRRRls???
not that it justifies killing someone, but if she is having sex with someone she doesn't even really know, it is 'stepping' on the marriage vows. i mean, she was obviously no saint.maybe it points out the flaw in thinking you can 'marry' your way out of a a life you would rather not have.She could have divorced him.marriage should be considered as a matter of love, not a business transaction - unless all parties are aware of that intent.this doesn't excuse him in any way. he could have divorced her too.