The Most Popular Girl on MySpace

October 10, 2006

I guess her 1,428,055 MySpace friends do. That must mean that all of you are already her friends and I’m just the poor smuck who read about her in Rolling Stone’s HOT issue, where she is profiled as “Hottest Add.”

(Okay, just listening to her song “Fuck Ya Man” on her MySpace page, in which the chorus goes “I ain’t trying to fuck your man, erebody knows he’s my number one fan.” Later there is a line: “I ain’t trying to fuck your man, looking at my myspace, lotion in his hand.” Great, now this song is stuck in my head. Good beats though.)

Is it gross that I’m excited that the most popular person on MySpace is Asian American?




That's all about to change! Soon I will have over 1,000,000 friends!
haha, i have her added. the second most popular is Christine Dolce, with almost as many friends as Tila. I think Christine is hotter but I still think Tila is awesome. Im trying to get 1,000,000 friends to catch up to them and become famous! lol
great rolemodelhaaha
Somehow, I doubt she cares about any of the issues raised in Hyphen about the hyper-sexualization and exoticization of Asian women in American Culture. The feminist critique is simply lost on some. Though, I think she lost hers on the way to the bank.
I ain't gonna kick ol' girl outta bed, mind you, but those fake tits sure look shitty and dumb.And I can't imagine Asian American chests out there are bustin out like the Hulk's over this. The blandest, dopey-est nude internet model is #1 on MySpace? And happens to be Vietnamese?And that's 'exciting'?How sarcastic is this blog usually?
u suck
If you think that Tila is Most Desirable Woman on MySpace vote for her now
yo. let's be honest. yeah she's a viet but wat does mean. she's fucking hot as hell and u guys are racists. can't beleive this wat r u guys gay. don't like a hot chick like that mind u i love her