What is Said about Arabs and Terrorism

October 31, 2006

Just got this press release and it sounds like a film I'd really like to see... If you're in DC, go watch it and report back! GROUNDBREAKING FILM EXPLORING TERRORISM DISCOURSE TO BE FEATURED AT DC FILM FESTIVAL Accused Terrorists, Government Officials and Policy Experts Confront Each Other WASHINGTON The powerful new documentary "What is Said About Arabs and Terrorism," shot in 11 countries, researched in 6 languages and including 125 interviewees, will be featured at the Arabian Sights DC Film Festival this Sunday evening. A question and answer session with Arab-American director and political science professor Bassam Haddad will follow. The documentary presents direct exchanges between parties who lie on opposite sides of the spectrum of the war on terrorism. Using innovative film techniques, pundits and neoconservative think-tank intellectuals directly debate the heads of organizations on the U.S. State Department's terrorist list. Interviewees include Hizbullah's Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas' Khalid Mish'al. The film explores the discourse linking Arabs and Muslims to terrorism, examining definitions of terrorism, state terrorism, and terrorism and resistance. Haddad interviews over 100 individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including political figures, media personalities, scholars and pedestrians from the U.S., Europe, Israel, and the Arab world. (See partial list of interviewees below). Haddad traces the evolution of media coverage, perceptions and definitions of terrorism and takes a critical standpoint in evaluating the consequences. The film received critical acclaim after airing throughout the Arab world on al-Arabiyya earlier this year. "What is Said about Arabs and Terrorism" Screening and Discussion Date: Sunday, November 5 Time: 5 p.m. ET Who: Director Bassam Haddad, Quilting Point Productions Where: AMC Loews, Wisconsin Avenue 6 Theatres, 4000 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington, DC Admission: $9 cash or check only Watch the trailer at www.arabsandterrorism.com http://www.filmfestdc.org/ Interviewees include:

  • Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General, Hizbullah, Beirut
  • Khalid Mish`al, Head of Political Bureau, Hamas, Damascus
  • Ramadan Abdullah Shallah, Secretary General, Islamic Jihad, Damascus
  • Jeane Kirkpatrick, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Washington
  • Michael Scheuer (Anonymous Author of Imperial Hubris), Former CIA Senior (Al-Qa`ida) Analyst, Washington
  • Zeev Boim, Deputy Defense Minister of Israel (Likud Party), Tel Aviv
  • Admiral Ami Ayalon, Former Chief of the Navy and Security Service, Haifa
  • `Azmi Bishara, Member of Knesset, NDA, Jerusalem
  • Buthaina Sha`ban, Minister of Expatriates, Spokesperson for the President, Damascus
  • Angel Lossada, Director, Terrorism Affairs, Foreign Ministry, Madrid
  • Sir John Butterfill, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party, London
  • Jean-Charles Brisard, Prominent Terrorism Expert and Author, Paris
  • Ephraim Sneh, Former Civil Administrator in the West Bank, Tel Aviv
  • Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council, Ramallah
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