Lodi Informer Unmasked

February 24, 2006

Naseem Khan is a Pakistani immigrant who had been living in the United States since 1990. The LA Times article reports how he initially began this work "because of his love for the United States" -- but then started making up to $250,000. The article also reported how at least four Muslim immigrants in Southern California reported being approached by the FBI to do similar work. If these are the only four who came forward after refusing, imagine how many others are walking around with wires taped to their backs?

Along with the NSA wiretapping scandal, situations like Lodi, where the FBI are sending spies into the community to stir up trouble, seem to me to be the really scary fallout of 9.11. This community report-back from Lodi talks about FBI officers lurking in tinted window SUVs wearing afro wigs. Sometimes I can't believe this is the state of our nation. Relating to Asian American history, I was wondering if the Japanese American community faced this kind of problem with community informants during WWII?




i've heard that FBI hang out around all the Know Your Rights forums, particularly in Lodi and in other Muslim communities. and that they will follow women and children to/from work and school.