The Harry Mok Project

February 8, 2006

The only other Harry Mok I know of is also Chinese American and apparently is a stuntman, actor and producer in martial arts films and a music video director. Googling him brings up more recent references to him living in the Central California town of Manteca and running a film festival there.

When I was going to college at San Jose State in the early 1990s, I used to get phone messages about film shoots and other similar things that were obviously not for me. I don't look myself up on the Internet (that often), but in seeing all these references to another Harry Mok, I put two-and-two together. Those messages in San Jose must have been for him.

I'm glad to see that other Harry has made some impact on the entertainment industry. As our earlier discussion on this blog about Adam Carolla has shown, the media (and many in the audience) are sorely lacking in enlightenment when it comes to Asian Americans.

I went into journalism because I thought I could add something to make a difference. I'm not sure that anything I've done has accomplished that, though working for Hyphen is a start.

The news media, like the entertainment industry, is slow to change. The perspective, the stories and the humanity of Asian Americans and other underrepresented groups often doesn't come through in the media. Hyphen started in part as a reaction to this. The dedicated group of volunteers love what we do in producing Hyphen because we can bring some of those missed stories to life.

That's my story. I want to know the other Harry Mok's story and any other Harry Moks out there. If you know them, send them my way.


Harry Mok

Editor in chief

Editor in Chief Harry Mok wrote about growing up on a Chinese vegetable farm for the second issue of Hyphen and has been a volunteer editor since 2004. As a board member of the San Francisco and New York chapters of the Asian American Journalists Association, Harry has recruited and organized events for student members. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a graduate student instructor in the Asian American Studies Department.



Hello, I am a Chinese. I know Harry Mok, maybe the same person as Roman, The Harry Mok is a good business man.
I was just googling the name "Harry Mok" and hit this site. Around 1994 to '95 the "other," actor/stunt, Mok helped me set up my CD ROM games with a distributor. I was wondering if he was still in film production? At the time, he had a fairly interesting project at the time called "Hoop Fighter" a cross between basketball and martial arts. I'd appreciate his contact if you have it.
harry, the writer shelley jackson has a page on her website with updates on the doings of the other shelley jacksons of the world. here 'tis:
dude, that's awesome. there are actually several momo changs (believe it or not!) out there. one woman who went to University of Oregon and sang in choir. another who is an actor from the 80s. what?i'll be on the lookout for Harry Moks for ya, Harry Mok.
interestingly enough there are a few other marisa louie's, too... and i wasn't the first by far. that would be marisa louie, of the famous 'louie tennis sisters'. funny how we share with names with semifamous people.
The Harry Mok (actor/stunt/producer/director/writer) you are refering to is a business partner of mine and he can be reached at hqmok [at]
That SFGate article about the Grace Lee Project said that Amy is a common Asian girl name, of which I can attest to. There are 5 pages of Amy Lams on Myspace, and too many on Google (although I'm among those listed on the first page). And apparently I'm the star of great movie hits "Killing Lover" and "Last Sight from Death"!
i just ran across this web site.The other Harry Mok that you reference is my uncle (my father's youngest brother).
Elton, I've always wanted to contact "the other" (I feel like I'm on Lost). If he's willing, can you put me in touch with him?