Chloe Dao Wins Project Runway

March 9, 2006

Some of us here at Hyphen love us some Project Runway. Last night Chloe Dao won season 2.

Now, I don't have cable so I haven't been following along exactly. I had no idea she's from Houston (my hometown!) nor that she owned this boutique called Lot 8 (which I had already heard about from my friends in Houston before the show). I'm totally dropping by the store next time I'm in town. I want to hear more about her story. About how she's one of 8 sisters, how her family fled following the fall of Saigon, how they ended up in Houston.

Here's an interview with Dao before her win. Anyways, now we can add her to our chart of Asian American reality show stars that ran a few issues back. Whoo hoo!


Melissa Hung

Founding Editor

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ASIANCE Magazine also has an interview with Chloe b/4 the show ended! Best!