Asians n' Hip-Hop

June 7, 2006





Was it a coincidence that every act had at least one Asian person – actually, Filipino person – in it?

The (Asian) line up was Native Guns – MCs Kiwi and Bambu – who’ll be featured in our next issue.

Then there was Jern Eye, an MC from Lunar Heights.

And Crown City Rockers. Kat, the keyboardist – what can I say? She is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

There were also break dancers, who all appeared to be Asian.

In Hyphen's Issue 9 (just out), I wrote an article about Asian krumpers. They're Filipino guys from Long Beach.

There’s a whole history of hip-hop in the Philippines and Filipino communities.

Recently, I've been told that I'm very "Asian-centric." Not sure what that means, if it was meant accusingly, jealously, or just as a harmless observation. But for example, it's not that I don't think all the other people in the bands are awesome - they are. And all good indie bands deserve to be in the spotlight, especially because of how corporate media has gobbled up, and continues to gobble up, more stations. You're probably not going to hear any of these acts on Clear Channel. I just think it's neat that a hip-hop show, not billed as Pinoy/Pinay or Asian-themed, happened to have at least one Filipino or Asian in the act.

If you want to catch Native Guns perform this Sunday, June 11, they're having their album release party in Los Angeles. I've never been to a rooftop party, but it sounds fun, like something from a movie.

Happy summer!!


Momo Chang

Senior Contributing Editor

Momo Chang is the Content Manager at the Center for Asian American Media, and freelances for magazines, online publications, and weeklies. Her writings focus on Asian American communities, communities of color, and youth culture. She is a former staff writer at the Oakland Tribune. Her stories range from uncovering working conditions in nail salons, to stories about “invisible minorities” like Tongan youth and Iu Mien farmers. She has freelances The New York Times, WIRED, and East Bay Express, among other publications.



Hip Hop is a leathal tool, it can express ideas and opinions like no other medium. i didnt know you were a hip hop fan. its not for the charts or the massess
"it can express ideas and opinions like no other medium"doesn't everyone say that about the medium they work in though, whether that be dance or hip hop, or painting, or whatever? everyone wants to think their way of expression is not for the masses.
Hip hop is for the masses, as evidenced by Common in Sprite commercials, KRS-One in commercials, shiet, Lyrics Born's song was in a coke commercial or something, etc etc. Even when NWA came out, they were being bumped by suburban white kids. In this day and age, everything and anything will sell out. Money rules. And yes, 99% of hyphy music sucks!
More Filipino hip-hop and mutli-genre flava at are so many manifestations of hip-hop music. Hip-hop music has created a connection to many youngsters especially those who aren't aligned with pop culture. Asian-Americans identify with this underground culture. It provides a forum for a voice in a world where it's difficult to be heard.
Filipinos are copycats.They don't have their own culture so they copy everyone elses culture and traditions.They go around saying, "sorry I don't speak tagalog" -trying to sound white and they're trying to copy the blacks with their idiotic version of hip hop.Other asian ethnic group have their own identity except filipinos;they don't know what they are...
To the idiot above who believed in his/her comments so much that they chose to be anonymous - sorry you're way off base -- Filipino culture is one of the most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity. Historical conquests have made the island a large melting pot but one unlike the US and China - no official identification of ethnic groups . Filipino's are probably able to identify with hip-hop more than any other "group" in the Far East. Filipinos are the true chameleons of the Asian world!!!! Anyway... don't dog anyone for being who they wish to be. Read a little Sigmund Freud - take chill pill and listen to :)
Seriously, it some how feels that people are really trying to take credit for hip hop when everybody knows in their heart that it was started by us blacks. I know that there were Latinos (specifically Puerto Ricans) who helped spread hip ho across america but they didn't do anything to make or break it's success. Sure, there were contributions and influences that came from various ethnic groups into rap but that was after it's success. Why are SOME Asians trying to take credit for something they had no hand in building or try to steal it? I mean, Asians invented Anime and I think that's cool but you don't see us black folks trying to lay claim to that do ya. It's like everybody thinks were the only one to make cool things and once we make it, people try to lay claim to it like with Egypt and the pyramids. But on a more serious note, I think Asians should not do rap nor dress like rappers for tyhat matter as well because they end up looking silly and rediculuous that way by wearing their hair out to look like afros and getting cornrows. In terms of music it just strait up sucks. It sounds too gay, poppish and amateur and asian rappers will never produce any rap music as authentic as black rappers like Bone THugs, Tupac, Twista, 3 6 Mafia, and so one.
To be honost with you all Asian Hip Hop sucks, sorry. But Black people always innovate and create new trends of music and the rest of the world always follow their lead. fillipinos are the best Asian Entertainers
Seriously, it some how feels that people are really trying to take credit for hip hop when everybody knows in their heart that it was started by us blacks. I know that there were Latinos (specifically Puerto Ricans) who helped spread hip ho across america but they didn't do anything to make or break it's success. Sure, there were contributions and influences that came from various ethnic groups into rap but that was after it's success. Why are SOME Asians trying to take credit for something they had no hand in building or try to steal it? I mean, Asians invented Anime and I think that's cool but you don't see us black folks trying to lay claim to that do ya. It's like everybody thinks were the only one to make cool things and once we make it, people try to lay claim to it like with Egypt and the pyramids. But on a more serious note, I think Asians should not do rap nor dress like rappers for tyhat matter as well because they end up looking silly and rediculuous that way by wearing their hair out to look like afros and getting cornrows. In terms of music it just strait up sucks. It sounds too gay, poppish and amateur and asian rappers will never produce any rap music as authentic as black rappers like Bone THugs, Tupac, Twista, 3 6 Mafia, and so one.
Asians were not meant to dominate the pop world. we just dont have that type of Charisma. well not on an international level
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Filipinos don't have their own culture? Are you for real? Sure, Filipinos have been colonized by Europeans wanting a piece of the action. But who in Asia hasn't been?
Totally agree with the above. Hip-Hop, Rap music and the culture have been seized by many who have found it easier to steal rather than to be innovative just so they can have culture a identity, prove that they have presence in the cultural and ethnic struggle that is America. Perpetration! Save and take back Hip-Hop.
I'm not a Filipino, but know enough about their contributions into Hip Hop. The Invisibl Skratch Piklz were innovators of turntabalism and invented countless scratches and battle techniques. They were so good they were banned from competing beacause no one, white, black, asian, etc etc could take them out. Most were Filipino and are still rocking house parties all over the world.
There are good DJs all over the world if the play the right music. Asian Hip Hop as a whole sucks, fillipino as well
DIDN'T KNOW, I want to thank you very much for acknowledging and respecting the roots of Hip Hop culture and it's origins in Afican American culture and for encouraging your fellow Asian brethren to discontinue Asian Hip Hop. However, I still have to acknowledege the problem of appropriation of hip hop by Latinos. Like I said in my previous post, hip hop was started mostly and mainly by Afican Americans while the other 10 percent was by Puerto Ricans but the problem is that they trying to take credit for rap music when they know in their heart they didn't. Where were all of the Latino rappers at during the hey day of hip hop success. DJ cool herc was the inventor of rap music and his Jamaican brethren were producing reggae music which could be considered rap music and it's embryonic form. The Hip Hop culture has Afro-diasporic influences like break dancing which was derived from capoeira, an African martial art that was invented by my enslaved African brothers form Brazil. Toasting and the dozens that was incorporated into culture was based off our West African tradition that we've been practicing for thousands of years before slavery. The dozens was basically the yo mamma is so fat game that was an oral tradition West Africans still do today. But you know how everything black people do to distinguish themselves from other cultures, people eventually come along and ruin it by imitating what we do. We can't have an identity for ourselves it people keep imitating what we do. Like back in the 70's as a expression of black pride where us blacks wore our afro's out but stopped doing it because white Jews started emulating the style with the "Jewfro" (seriously, go look it up at wikipedia.) Going back to Latinos appropriatin rap music and rap culture, why are latinos still trying to lay claim to something so popular and valuable that black people made that everybody in America want to do but ignore cowboy culture that was stolen and claim by whites despite Latinos (the Spanish) being the first to do it in their culture. Back in the 1860's, cowboy culture was so popular in America that blacks, whites, and some asians wanted to be a part of it but didn't try to claim it as their own cultural invention so why do this to us Latinos? Well enough of the history lesson and back to the topic, Asians should learn to be satisfied with their culture and try to come up with their own sub culture worthy enough to be emulated by everyone instead of having to ride the bandwagon and imitate somebody else's culture. Second of all just like Bill Coby said, I wish filipinos and Latinos would stop trying to bridge us black folks together so they can try to act black. Filipinos have crab mentality, colonial mentality, identity crisis, inferiority complex and this epitomizes why they truly yearn to be black, polynesian, or white.Recognize your roots as Malays, learn to be satisfied with your culture and leave black culture alone.
Wow, where do you get off telling people what they should or should not do? I agree that people should acknowledge hip-hop as a black artform. And I agree that Asians trying to grow fros looks damn silly. But who is to say that an Asian or Latino person shouldn't rap if he or she wants to? Or that they can be good at it? Does being black make one automatically a better rapper?Hip-hop is part of American culture. It has risen to the mainstream and appeals to all sorts of people across alot of color (not to mention income) lines. Who is to say it only belongs to blacks now? So long as people respect the origins, why be so interested in shutting other people out?
Its funny now that Hip Hop is American Culture. I remember 20 years ago when it was jungle music, better yet N--gg- music and should only be played in the black nieghborhoods. During the 80s the music was an expression for Black Radicals along with the emergence of Gangsta rap and the Occasional Will Smith bubblegum tunes. Once the Run DMC fame ran out. 10 years before that Hip Hop was mainly fun music. Everyone hated Hip Hop, but its originators stayed loyal to it. Rock N Roll was once jungle Music, as Jazz and blues to its non-black critics. As time went on White kids from the suburbs caught on to it, then the international community followed there after, As always the whites imitate the blacks, and as usual Asian think there has to be some kind of white stamp of approval for beforehand describing what is and what is not POP CULTURE. Thats why we lagg behind in Pop culture. Black people, a race that all other people around the world despise for what ever reason, or another seems to be the most imitated. Yet I see a lot of non-black girls going against their parents will to date black men, adore black culture and ignore the stereotypes shown by the media. Maybe this is what all the critics were afraid of. If you love Hip Hop, knowing its origins is just a small perequesite. Its deeper then that. Im half Black/Half Asian so I understand some of the feelings from both communities. I know that Hip Hop at one time took Martial Arts and incorporated it into its culture, with WU-TANG and the GRAVE DIGGAS. I tell my black friends Martial Arts is not White, or Black, its Asian. This is just my opinion. The present state of Hip Hop is horrible. Commercialism is to blame for that and the fact that its crossed over to so many different nationalites. Everyone wants credit for Hip Hops expansion. You can only give credit to one Race.
Well RELAX about the martial arts thing, that was invented by us black folks thousands of years ago by our egyptian brethren known as sebekka (egyptian for crocodile).Hip hop is part is part of and ALWAYS will be a part of black american culture just like anime will be always be apart of Japanese culture even though it's globally popular and everybody uses the drawing style. Sure i acknowledge the origins of every popular thing made in history and others can't stop others from doing so but what am I to say now? Appropriating hip hop in a high sense has a negetaive connotation if theres been some history of racial or ethinic conflict between two groups. For example, take blacks and koreans thing in U.S. 50 years ago they hated blacks because of our skin color(how fucking retarded is that?) and because we look like freaks but yet the people you so depise of decide to imitate your enemy's subculture. I already know about that bubble sisters thing where those korean girls put on black face made fun of black women. I think the only Asians that can do rap are the Chinese and Japanese as well as all other SE Asians since they had no documented racial or ethnic history between blacks. I think that some people shouln't dress like blacks because you look goofy and looks as if you're making fun of black culture which is why SOME blacks hate other races for imitating their style. Hip hop will never fall into the hands of become a part of Amerikkkan culture. It's already bad enough that white people stole rock and roll music along with techno music from afro americans and we're not going to loose any more of our genre of musics to whites. We have worked hard for many years to make an identiy for ourselves to help make us resist white culture and heal our selves from a history of slavery only to have our cultural creations taken from us by greedy whites. Amerikkans have no worthwhile culture of their own to be satisfied with because they lack orignality or creativity to do so, so they steal whatever they can from non-euro cultures and say it's their own.
There are some statements I disagree with you on. Japanese Hip Hop is Horrible, but AI and Misia are hot. Chinese Hip Hop is behind like most Asian Hip Hop, Garbbage. Koreans are Copy Caters , but because of the large US Military presence there Japan and Korea has an added advantage over most Asian Nations. Oh, Club Pegasus in Shanghai was tight. The best Asian dancers I saw were in Singapore. The best DJs are fillipino as far as Asian go. I really havent heard to many good Asian rappers. Jin did his little thing on 106th and Park. Blacks have been known in America for being the best Dancers, Singers and Entertainers for hundreds of years, its synonoymous with Asians and Math. I hate to sound stereotypical, but art form reflects culture. Someone said Hip Hop is American Culture. My mother is Asian and Father Black American. White Americans have their culture, Blacks have their sas Asians. Hip Hop is Black culture, thats why they simply do it better.
Not to bust your chops or anything RELAX but I heard that Misia was horrible and I heard this from Erikah Badu when I was reading an article back in March of this year on while she was in tour in Japan. You see, the problem with Asian rappers is that they make the assumption that they can imitate hip hop culture and expect to be 100% good at it. The only Japanese hip hop artist and r&b I think is good is Crystal Kay along with Kenny Amai, even R&B singer Babyface said that Kenny Amai might have a chance in America if he start releasing some songs in English.Like you say there's not too many good rappers that are good enough to make it i the game and they will always be known as underground rappers. The specific reason why Asian hip hop sucks is because of the music and beats, like i said before, sounds gay, poppish, and amateur like. The only way Asian rappers will be successful IMHO, is if they collaborate with Black rappers, like Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Timbaland or Twista since they're known to make tight assbeats and that they will sound helluva alot better than those cheesey beats Asian rappers make.I don;t have a problem with Asian rappers as long as they refrain from using the N-word intheir rap songs, and acknowledge us blacks as the creators and expanders of hip hop. BTW, do you know if Asian rappers freestyle,because I've never seen or heard an Asian rapper do that before.
Its all horrible, ive heard all these artist, not impressed either. I just thought Misia was hot. harai Ken is not bad. Toshi Kabuta is the best ive heard. Rain is an Usher want to be. But to each his on
lol!,must be a techno fan...hey bunghole,thanks for separating pinoy hiphop amongst our asian counterparts,we pinoys are the top of the foodchain when it comes to asian hiphop,we aint commercial like other countries but we got a lot to say,there are a lot of diverse music in the pi that goes all the way back to our tribal roots all you have to do is listen...pinoys are warrior descendants if theres 2 things we love to do its music and fighting...we also love haters lol
Yeah I heard about that Korean rapper Ba Rain being a J Timberlake, M.J and Usher wannabe. I remember one time this one poster on say that watching japanese rappers perform is like looking at a live version of Parappa the Rapper.
here was where I was coming from: many is the post from asian americans complaining about white boys having an 'asian fetish' or yellow fever or complaining about tatoos and what have you, BUT they never seem to see that the 'appropriation' of b-boy 'stylings' could be viewed in that same light. When challenged, there is talk of the 'free assimilation of American Pop culture' and the like, yet for some reason Asian 'culture' is [theoretically] not available to non-asians with that same freedom.America is a CuisineArt culture - everything is subject to slice, dice and puree.Good for the goose - good for the gander.
Look around people, When you look at Hip Hop and when you read Hip Hop. Who and what do you think of? All of you are emulating someone elses culture. How can you be known for an art form that has nothing to do with your culture. Push Asian culture and quite imitating someone elses.
Call it what you want it, but when I think of hip Hop, I do not think of Asian, NOR FILLIPINO. I think of Asian wannabes. Hip Hop is black culture and they know it.
when was the last time you heard a filipino song or fillipino rap song for that matter?a lot of filipino rap songs focus on taking pride on our roots and we express it in any medium possible wether be rap,rock,poetry or painting we know what we are and embrace what we are,"everything evolves and revolves",or are too ignorant to notice it,music is music it is its own culture and is mostly fuled by emotion and expression which we have a lot of,and theres a thin line between emulating and adapting we are not pinoys trying to act black we are pinoys doing hiphop music,get it stupid?"collect the knowledge that is around you and nurture it with the knowledge that you have"....when was the last time you promoted your race,your not even man enough to post it and dont say it dosent matter,and yes a lot asians do hiphop...peace to you tribal flip for sharing your voice..."if you wanna be heard you have shout louder"
HipHop has no race it's a generation,a point in time it's ur clock ticking as we speak and weather I or anyone likes so called asian hiphop doesn't matter cause any human being is capable of progression in any of the elements of hiphop.I my self grew up in this era and been going back to the Philippines my whole life and putting my ppls on to this whole culture from clothes,music and overall swag.Im a certified audio eng. emcee an owner of an independent underground hiphop label and I personally will see the progression and success of hiphop in my country the Philippines!BIG UP'S BOB MARLEY MOVEMENT OF JAH PEOPLELost Boyz (L.B.Fam) KILLAH PRIEST, DEAD PREZ ,Lost Children of babylon Verbal Beatz Moors Klick and my entire Golden Fleece Ent. Family. 100
What is Hip Hop? Do you know its origins? What can you tell me about this art form? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I was around when this art form began. I love Hip Hop, but I respect it. Theres a line I will not cross. I took music History and ive researh and went into the field because I love this music. Where did the origins of rap come from? You are not the originator. You are appropiating something that did not come from your country, or mine (Japan). You are emulating and appropiating it. If you are shouting so loud then how come no one hears you? You are in denial. All the stuff you wrote in your post Hip Hoppers been doing it before you were born. So tell me something I do not know, or can you.
The Art form has been around for 40 years, by the time it progressess there it probably will be relpaced. Whats the wait
Who won this battle between Jin and Serius Jones. Was Serious Jones using the race card in order to win and beat Jin. Check it out
oye!truth are you a hiphop fan or a fillipino radical?haha,you bring up very interesting points on fillipino hiphop.Evertime i read a post its the same old namecalling gradeschool bullshit.I think fuckers who cant relate or back up their shit always resort to half as insults.To tell you the truth i think theese bastards are jelous,since they been trying to do, just recently for 5 years what fillipino hiphopers are doing in the past 2 decades.Ive read many a history articles on fillipino hiphop and i must say i am impressed so keep doin what your doin.Fyi hiphop is pionered by black and latino kids in the streets of ny and frankly im glad its taken off globaly
the truth wasnt talking about hiphop as a whole stupid he was talking about filipino hiphop and having pride on being filipino and nobody said filipinos started hiphop it just so happens hiphop suits us.your point of disscusions are weak and baseless...[the rest of this comment was deleted due to name-calling, including a racial slur. - eds]
On the otherhand, How you see it, is how you see it. Hip hop is the most powerful way to express Your thoughts and mindset about any subject. No matter what the subject is. All Asians have appropiated Hip Hop, not just fillipinos. Hip Hop is not a fillipino thing. If fillipinos feel they have a right to exist in this world of Hip Hop , then so all Asians do. so I guess that makes it an Asian thing.
This is what happens when two Asians battle each other. I think the Japanese beat Jin
i hear thatexpand on your knowledge check out history of filipino hiphop at wikipediai agree,that japanese dude had some weak points,its one thing to study it but its another thing to do it.respect is everythingpeace
Not to be rude, but no thank you. If I want real Hip Hop, ill turn KRS1, OR even some Sugar Hill Gang. The roots because ive studied the origins of this music and its in the black Americans soul. Some people think this music is a 30 year old phenominom, but actually theyve been doing it for years, like 400. If you have some traditional fillipino Music then ill look it up and listen. Japan is far ahead of the rest of the Asian world as far as the Asian world is concerned. I guess we get so much more exposure because of the many military bases and southern style DJs from America perfomrning here. I dont want to here how fillipino Hip Hop evolved, I havent read about it, but you are emulating them. On the otherhand express yourself the best way you know how. I think you all should read my paper on Hip Hop and the history of the music. I know it, I was around and on the scene when BBOYING was the thing to do when the Rocksteady Crew were in their prime. I remember when it was cool to walk down the street with a boom box and a mat. when you saw another crew it was on. I was part of those crews then it was fun. As I grew with Hip Hop I realized that I was emulating an art form that didnt come from my country
i read it,dint know pinoys have been doin it as early as 1980anyone have the pacquiao fight on ppv,e mail me ill bring the beers
Origins: The roots of hip-hop in the IslandsThe beginnings of hip-hop culture in the Philippines can be attributed to several main factors; the innate of them being the heavy influx of American musical styles in that country as reflected in the widespread popularity during the 1960s of Motown artists The Temptations, The Supremes and The Jackson Five and later in the 1970s of Funk, Soul and Disco music. Bands such as The Commodores, The Gap Band, James Brown, Con Funk Shun, The Bar-Kays and Earth, Wind and Fire among many others received heavy rotation on Manila airwaves. The future importation of hip hop culture and music, similar to the previous genres mentioned can be credited to the direct contact Filipinos received with both Americans and Filipino Americans, or as they are commonly called balikbayans, stemming from the root words "balik" meaning to come back and "bayan" loosely translating into hometown or homeland.[1]The intimate relationship between hip-hop culture and the large Filipino American community along the United States West Coast naturally resulted in the exportation of rap music back to the Philippines. Numerous cassette tapes, videos, books and magazines concerning hip hop issues and popular rap artists would be sent out by Filipinos to family members back in the islands.The towns and barrios surrounding the numerous American military bases that were scattared throughout that country such as Clark Air Base in Angeles City and Subic Bay Naval Base in Olongopo were among the earliest to be exposed to the culture; as contact with African-American, Filipino American and Latino servicemen resulted in some of the earliest exposure the locals had to the new musical genre.[2]Groundbreaking hip hop films such as Wild Style (1983), Breakin (1984) and Krush Groove (1985) were also major influences; and as early as 1982 local breakdancing crews like "Whooze Co. International" (based in Angeles,Pampanga whose members were mostly from Clark Air Base)The Eclipse(whose former members included Francis Magalona,Darwin Tuason winner of TV show Dance 10 where filipinos 1st glimpse breakdancing on phillipine tv & Glenn "Kico" Lelay also a member of Whooze Co. who is now with Federation Sounds New York City working with artist such as Sean Paul,T.O.K.,Nina Sky to name a few), Info-Clash Breakers and Ground Control (whose former members included Rap Master Fordy, later to be known as Andrew E. and Jay "Smooth" MC of Bass Rhyme Posse) became mainstays in local parks and malls in and around Metro Manila such as Glorietta Mall, which was an early hotspot for breakers. Several mobile DJ crews of the era included such names as the Rock All Parties Crew which emerged onto the scene only to produce such future Pinoy rap pioneers as Andrew E. and Norman B.
nice read,i too am interested on world hiphop be it germany,phillipines, korea or anywhere else,a couple of people here have really strong points on their take on hiphop,but i think the bottom line is everyone here has respect on its roots and influence as well as respect for their own roots and heritage,thats right everything evoles and hiphop turned into an uncontrolable force jus like any other form of art,hiphop is revolution,unity,opression,identity,and a lot of things which no one topic can box,i have respect for a lot of things ang oppinions are one of them,negative or positve,thats what keeps the balace.if you know its right do it peace
Interesting and great post. while attending an American college I made Many African American friends. I was young and Hip Hop was new. During the Mid 80S Hip Hop was fun music. LL Cool J, Boogie Down Productions, Run DMC And Erick B. and Rakim were the joints. Dances like the Wopp was the dance of choice at most clubs, Break Dancing lost its Magic. The reason I agree with the African Americans is because many of the Hip Hoppers elders were rip off for their artistic art forms. Mainstream Americal stole it and took it for their own. Credibility and Orginality was all gone. During this time and even today Black Americans will say Hip Hop is Black music and they vowed no one will take it away. They will not repeat their elders mistakes. If you do not have the Black Americans stamp of Aprroval in the game, you will not go far, or matter to most of the world. Rock N Roll we think Elvis is the King, but in actuality he was a thief and one of the biggest copy cats in music history. Why is that? on the otherhand, its a free world and we all can do what we want. If Hop Hop is your life then so be it. I think we all can exercise our first amendmant rights. No on in here still told me anything about its origins. I believe if you are going to be involvd in something you need to know everything about it. I never new Hip Hop would go this far, but my friend said his grandfather a bluesman never thought Rock N Roll did either. What is it about Black Culture that we love so much? Can we invent something from our own culture and have the world emulate us? Or do we want to preserve our own rituals and traditiand and exploit someone elses?
(this comment was deleted due to name-calling).
I know, thats why Asian Hip HOp sucks. A watered down version of American Hip Hop. Asians will never be known in this genre because they suck at it. I try to support Asian hip Hop and R@B, but its terrible. So you answered my question the wanna be gangsta that served in a minnimun level securty facility for stealing candy out of a a candy store. He he shut up.
(comment deleted due to name-calling).
It all sucks, even Japanese. I hear fillipinos. they try to talk like the blacks and dress like them and imitate them. so does all the other asians. Latin Hip Hop sucks. I think the Puerto Ricans did a good job imitating reggae with reggaeton. Pinoy Hip Hop will always stay in the Phillipines because no one else wants to hear it. My parents are Japanese, I grew up between Japan and America. So talk all the stuff you want MR Imitator. Im just being honost. I dont know to much about european Hip Hop. I give Pinoy DJs Props. they are good as long as the play American Hip Hop. Pinoys dont set trends, no one besides the blacks set the trends. Why is every body following the leaders? They re-event Hip Hop every 10 years and every one follow their lead. I like Japanese Hip Hop Beccause the girls are cute and I can understand it, but they beats are horrible and the voices are annoying.Your opening statement sounds like something a black person would say. Be yourself. What ever that is
Blacks werent da people dat made up hiphop it was white boys named the beasty boys
im half black and half asian,and what?
David:Only a fool would argue with you. Beastsie Boys, well thatS my laugh for the day