Bruce or Bust Party for Finishing the Game, Plus Far*east Movement

October 25, 2007

Photos are now up at and Mochamonkey.
[quick vanity moment here: why do I always end up with my eyes closed or making a crazy face in these things?]

Justin Lin and Evan Leong plead with Sung Kang for his firstborn child. photo: Mochamonkey.

Far*east Movement

The only hitch was the damn fire alarm that interrupted the Far*east Movement's set. And, unfortunately, they had to take off for a benefit they were playing in Sacramento. We discovered shortly that it was a prankster at a different party in the same building--but, of course, it affected everything. I guess that means people can crash a party without even stepping foot inside. It really is too bad, because the Far*east Movement is insane!

Since they only got about two-and-a-half songs worth of glory at our party, I thought I'd let them have a little virtual moment. If you can, you should try to check them out live. They deliver a tight performance.

Trawling around on the internet, I found this earlier Far*east Movement video for "Holla Hey." It's, um... adorable.




great post. Far*east Movement rocks!
Thanks for the plug!PS your crazy face rocks!