No Asian Am Timberlake in Sight

March 4, 2007

Was that just because they couldn't figure out where exactly to put this article that examines why Asian Americans have virtually failed at becoming popular musicians? Or is it because there is some sense that this is a "style" or "trend" story? Something to the effect of: Asians aren't in this year, nor will they ever be.

This might be the most depressing thing I've read all day:

"Asked to name the most recognizable Asian-American pop solo singer today, older generations might say the Hawaiian singer Don Ho, but younger Asian-American artists agreed on one person: William Hung, the “American Idol” castoff who became an overnight sensation in 2004 for his off-key rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs.”





William Hung? that's sad sad sad.
Do we need another Michael Jackson, Usher in the World? Justin Tmbelake has not done anything that I havent seen before. Hes going to get a lot press because of is skin tone. Not sound racist, but its true. Rain on the other hand will never make it in the U. S. The reason is because He is Asian, perfomrming R@B. A music style that originated out of the Black community. Caucasions will be the only group in America to get recognition for imitating art forms thats not theirs (Justin Timberlake). I know we are on the end tale of the Kenneth Eng comment, but from everyones observation am I wrong. If anyone disagree with me then why cant Asians excel in popular culture? DJ Honda is Highly respected in the Hip Hop game, and produced some of the hottest Hip Hop albums ever heard.
Why Asian Americans have virtually failed at becoming popular musicians?Norah Jones is Asian.So is Sanjaya Malakar.
You do not see this everyday, a brotha dancing to Japanese hip hop
She has a strong voice, not common with Asians
Sometime ago an article was produced on Asians in Hip Hop. Truth Hurts stole this song from a famous Indian singer, I cant recall her name, but she is really stealing a lot of Desi flavor here. Honostly, I like the song. The point im makE is ive been hearing a lot of Asian instruments and Asian influence in the R@B and Hip Hop world as of late. Bobby Valentino, track number 6. Asians have the potential to be great stars. They just have to do a few basic things like support other Asian artist, market them and shove them out to the American public. I think Hyphen gives a real strong effort to display Asian pop culture. I just dont think Asian pop culture is a hot topic. Even amongst fellow Asians. Remember this video?
Want proof to the contrary? From pop chart toppers like the Blackeyed Peas to the Pussycat Dolls to the Neptunes to underground stars like Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, MIA, Lyrics Born, and Karen O, I feel like APA's are making their mark on the music world.Want more proof? Check out the music nights (3/16 and 3/21) at this year's SF Asian Am film fest. World class DJ's like Neil Armstrong and Vinroc, Daly City Record honcho Mochipet, and indie pop stalwarts Scrabbel and Dreamdate will be playing.Who says we need a Justin Timberlake, eh? is the joint.
Asians do not need a Justin Timberlake, just a strong music base for Asians. Think about the R@B and Hip Hop stations that use to be for blacks, but alot of other cultures tune into that music because its hot. There needs to be an Asian station with all Asian artist 24 hours a day. I just wonder who will risk taking that chance and who will tune in
No one. At least, no Asians would support it because we're too busy declaring that Asian oriented products are "racist" in an attempt to brownnose and make ourselves more appealing to whites.We'd rather support white products in an overcompensation to show how we "belong." It's all about the desire and need to be accepted by the white majority which drives our political actions.I never knew why Asians were stereotyped as being the "sellout minority" in the eyes of other minorities. Now I know.
RobOut of all the people i heard on hyphen, youve mad the most sense to a degree thus far.
I think a big problem with Asian Americans is we are looking for that person that can become and overnite success. Propel Asian perfomers in mainsteam American society so the world can see weve arrived. The fact is weve always been here. Asians, well Asian Americans do not support their artist like they should. Here are some talented artist: Regine Vasquez, Rain, Seven, Richi Chen, Toshi Kobuta and the list goes on. I applaud Neela and Momo for trying to put such artist as Native Guns and others on the map, but I think the scope of Artist on shown on Hyphen is limited. I think if Hyphen explored the roots of Asian Music, vice Asian trying to do American music would be cool. I think it would be great if Pop singers in our homelands were shown from time to time, such as the Rains and Ayumi Hamasakis of the world. We are here and always Will be, but Asian American abandoned the source of popular Asian Musicians sucking up to everything American.
I feel the truth needs to come out because you can't fix problems properly unless you view everything objectively. Almost all minorities come to a conclusion first which only supports evidence which supports their conclusion rather than gathering all the facts and coming to the correct conclusion.So many Asians are trying to cover up certain details in order to make them look more appealing than normal. In this case, we make it sound like the white power structure is evil, racist, and all negative media exposure is inherently their fault.Case in point, I know two white friends that work in the ad industry. When confronted why there are no Asians in ads, they responded that though they fought to put Asians in ads that they design for companies, there is no real reason to because, and I quote, "Asians consume exactly like whites." This means that whatever works for whites also works for Asians.It's not like they formed a group to say "let's not include any Asians because I don't like them." They omit Asians because they don't lose any business if Asians aren't included. Gee, imagine that!While I do not deny that whites project racist images in today's media, there is no reason for them to change because we don't give them a reason to change. I haven't heard of any protests, boycotts, or promotion of Asian-friendly products recently. Have you? All I hear from idiotic liberal Asian groups is how others should change things for them. If you're a real man or woman, you'll take it.Human beings are always going to be biased towards their own "tribe" and it's in our nature to oppress others. Thus, I don't blame whites for being oppressive. Only the weak complain and whine about the injustices of others; real and responsible people work hard against the odds to make things even on their terms.Want more positive images? Stop supporting Hollywood. Want to get more Asians in ads? Promote products with Asians in them.Until then, Asians can keep doing what they’re doing and that’s being the white majority’s house servant that will never get a chance to eat at the table.
This is brutal, do you mean this? come onUntil then, Asians can keep doing what they’re doing and that’s being the white majority’s house servant that will never get a chance to eat at the table.
I'm as serious as a heart attack because of this quote:"I feel the truth needs to come out because you can't fix problems properly unless you view everything objectively."The truth is hard to take and, yes, it can be brutal at times. I just wanted everyone to know that the Asian Americans that are racially aware or aren't apathetic about social issues are in the small minority. That's a very small minority of 4% of the population.Thus, it stands to make sense why Asian Americans have gotten almost nowhere. To most Asians, life is good enough. If whites are at level 10, we're at level 8 and we fear rocking the boat might get us thrown back down to level 6.Face the facts, as minorities get closer to the top, the stop just short of it because "things could be alot worse." Asian Americans need to be called out on their own community's problems too.