Luke Patterson (Six Days of Mr. Hyphen 2007)

May 25, 2007


Contestant Luke Patterson will represent Great Leap at Mr. Hyphen 2007. Founded by Nobuko Miyamoto, Great Leap is a multicultural performing arts organization rooted in the Asian American community that promotes cross-cultural exchange through the creative and collaborative process of performances, workshops and community residences.

About Luke:

Rapper. Graffiti artist. Non-profit office hooligan. Mentor. Luke Patterson is many things to many people. He's an MC for the L.A.-based hip-hop group Aesthetics Crew. He's an organizer against police brutality. He's a role model to youths who need it the most, through his work at the APA Youth Resolution Center. Most importantly though, Luke wants to bring together the multi-cultural communities and he'll even tame a lion while riding a unicycle blindfolded to do so. With a multi-talent like this it shouldn't take much to make that great leap to Mr. Hyphen infamy!

I would hope to do a lot of work in building bridges between the Asian & Asian American communities with other communities of color. Through my work I have seen that there is still a lot of ignorance, stereotypes and mis- or non-communication between our community and other Black and Brown people. I would like to do a lot of work breaking down stereotypes and pre-conceived notions of who “Asians” are, what we can be beyond the model minority ideas, and how strong we can be politically and community organizing-wise. I think that if our communities are all united on a deeper level of understanding and respect, not just on the surface of acceptance of each other, then we can make real progressive change for all of us together.

Mr. Hyphen 2007 will take place on Saturday, June 9
at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.
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yayy!! my cousin is the coolest haha
Thanks Marissa!! All my cousins are the coolest... Love you lil' homie! -Luker
woo hoo!! 'REPRESENT!way to go star!!!
What's up Luke, congratulations!I didn't even recognize you in that pic, though. it doesn't show enough of your moustache hairs. or your cheezin grin. luv ya.
What up Tiffany!! Damn sistah, it's been a minute... a reaaaal long minute... if you see this here, get at me! Don't know if you still talk to the brutha, but Tad has my info... One!