Bay Area Pakistani American Wins Jefferson Award

July 30, 2007

Along with winning a prestigious Jefferson Award -- a national award, administered by the American Institute of Public Service, given to those making a difference in his or her community -- she founded American Muslim Voice, serves on the steering committee for Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice in Palo Alto, is co-founder of Fear to Friendship, a group dedicated to promoting cross-cultural friendship and education in the wake of 9/11, founded Global Peace Partnership, a partnership of American Muslim Voice, Global Peace Partners and Peace Alliance and serves as a human-relations commissioner for Santa Clara County.

You can read more about here amazing feats here.

I'd be really interested to see what the actual measures of success are for these interfaith groups. It would be awesome to see a comprehensive poll on American views of Muslim Americans.

Sundas seems like an amazing communicator and organizer though ... How great would it to see a strong Pakistani woman in California's legislature?