M.I.A. Rawks!!

September 4, 2007

Yes, we were on her back in the day, but now she is back with a vengeance. She's been standing up for her rights -- as Samhita at Feministing points out -- especially in this controversial interview with Pitchfork magazine, who she called out for spreading so-called rumors about her.

Regardless, "Paper Planes" is probably my favorite song from the new album. I think the Timbaland track BLOWS! It just doesn't seem to come together what do people think?

Also, um, I have such a crush on Diplo and M.I.A. together. I think I have watched this silly 58 second clip like 20 times.




haha. that video is strangely appealing and very cute. i haven't heard M.I.A.'s new album!