"help" - Benefit Concert for Burma and Sichuan

July 21, 2008

Music venues usually smell of stale beer. A good act, though, can take that stiff air, charge it, and leave you amped. But even so, when you walk away at the end of the night, all you are left with are some residual tingles, deaf ears and a good memory. Well, now you can have all that but leave something concrete behind as well.

Millions have either died or are left homeless in Burma and Sichuan as the result of natural disasters. You can now "help." Presented by AsianWeek and proudly sponsored by Hyphen & other organizations, "help" is a benefit concert organized by Bay Area artists to provide aid to the devastated regions in Burma and China's Sichuan province. Bring yourself. Bring your friends. Not only do you get to rock out to American Idol semifinalist Paul Kim, Burmese-American songstress Natalise and a Hyphen favorite, Mud, but rest assured that when you leave, you're also leaving with more than just a memory for yourself.

WHAT: "help" - A Benefit Concert for Burma and Sichuan Province

WHO: Natalise, Mud, and Paul Kim

WHEN: 7 pm (Doors open at 6 pm) | Saturday | August 2, 2008

WHERE: Glas Kat Nightclub

520 4th Street, San Francisco
21 and over

COST: Buy tickets at www.asianweek.com/concert, $25 - $125

More information is available at www.asianweek.com/concert

Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.



Unfortunate event for the Burmese and Sichuan -- I feel bad and I hope someone can helpMaybe the United Nations can support them.Most people are not able to support charities like these because they have financial issues they're dealing with and not to mention that there many number of charities that ask for donations.I feel sorry for the Burmese and Sichuans -Spread the word at least.maybe someone will help.My prayers go out to them...