Wayne Wang and YouTube present "Princess of Nebraska" for free

September 15, 2008

If your Asian American YouTube surfing has thus far been limited to eye makeup tutorials and interracial dating tips, Wayne Wang may help you advance to more refined viewing options. According to Hollywood Reporter, Wang's new film "The Princess of Nebraska" will premiere Oct 17 on YouTube via their new Screening Room platform for feature films.


The film, an adaptation of a Yiyun Li short story, follows a Chinese foreign exchange student traveling from Nebraska to San Francisco for an abortion.

I think the Wang/YouTube partnership is a great indicator of how film distribution is expanding, a move that is especially beneficial for those viewers with limited access to independent film. And though I'm easily swayed by well-edited trailers, I'm pretty sure this film will be powerful.

The eye-catching promotional material can be attributed to Hyphen designer Amy Lam who helped redesign the "Princess" poster for this release and Hyphen photographer Seng Chen who shot lead actress Ling Li for the poster in addition to working as a gaffer during the shooting of the film.


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