Margaret Cho's Playlist on Imeem

October 23, 2008

I wish I could just throw on a cute scarf every day and go work out of a cute cafe. Today's chosen spot is this place called Cafe Murano on Steiner. And during my work break, I checked out imeem's website and lo and behold, Margaret Cho's on the homepage introducing her playlist. It looks like she's doing very well with the Cho Show on VH1, her recent appearance on Audrey, and of course, her work in the community in making sure that Proposition 8  does not pass on November 4th, 2008.

I'm listening to it right now and although we have completely different tastes in music, it's not too bad!

A little plug for our friends over at imeem, I love them. Their site is my portable playlist!

Margaret Cho Playlist

Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.