Golf Announcer Mistakes Anthony Kim for 'All Those Chinese People'

November 19, 2008

Live television is great because if you harbor un-PC views, it's hard to hide it. Here are some gems from Richard Boxall and Bruce Critchley on Sky TV:

"With all these Chinese people around, I'm not sure if I bumped into
him [Kim] in the hotel reception last night," Boxall said. "I'm not
sure if it was him."

Not to be outdone, Critchley added his own cringe-worthy moment. After
Kim's approach shot landed well past the pin, the British announcer
described Kim as wearing a look of "oriental surprise," according to
the Irish Independent.

If you want to know more, here is the article link. Here is another, older article about another announcer calling a golfer 'the Chinaman'. Here is another article with reader comments on today's incident below.


Alvin Lin


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