Asian American Literary Awards: David Henry Hwang and B.D. Wong

November 30, 2008

The awards ceremony is only $30 (with the option of a higher priced VIP reception). And you'll receive a free paperback of "M.Butterfly" to boot! Get tickets here, by calling 212.494.0061, or at the door at NYU Cantor Film Center. Awards will also be given to Mohsin Hamid, Vijay Prashad and Sun Yung Shin for fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

The event is produced by the Asian American Writers' Workshop, which supports and promotes APA writers, as well as loads of cool readings, classes, and literary happenings. Check their website for updates, or better yet -- become a member.




I heart BD! You were my John Cho before there was a John Cho. The only Asian-American face on TV and film that I knew of back then. Although Hollywood has always tried to hold you back (All-American Girl comes to mind… as well as probably getting eaten by raptors in Jurassic Park), you’ve always been around and always a dependable actor. You were, for the LONGEST TIME the only person in my video tape collection that spoke English and looked like me. So I salute you B.D. Although it would be nice to see Dr. Huang kick some ass on Law & Order SVU for once (I saw your head get slammed against the wall by someone you were interrogating in one episode, I think the prisoner was still in handcuffs at the time…). I guess anything’s better than an Executive Decision 2, no?! Just jokes BD, just jokes!PS. If we’re playing 7 Degrees of Separation to connect B.D. Wong to John Cho, here’s a hint, just between you and me: Kim Possible.