Wisdom from the Hyphen Neighborhood: The What I've Learned Blog

February 11, 2008

“What I’ve learned” will be a bi-weekly Hyphen blog of the lessons we’ve learned. It will profile writers, artists, people on the street, your next door neighbor. We believe everyone has an important story to tell.

Here's the idea behind this blog:
Our hope is to delve a little deeper and extract the wry pieces of wisdom that our readers can take away with them. Whoever we are and wherever we are, we learn things in life that are universal at the same time they're personal.

You're invited to contribute. Share your story or invite a someone else to share theirs. This can be a friend, parent, nemesis, or simply someone you've always wanted to learn more about.

Here's where to start.

Be frank. Be thoughtful. Be wise. Be you. This is your life, and this is what you’ve learned.

Send us your stories to han [at] hyphenmagazine.com.