Another Offensive College Writer

April 7, 2008

More from the article:

Most Asian students jumped for joy upon hearing the news. Student Mi-So Honee remarked, “Is so close to libelly!”

Other students were appreciative that the name was changed from the
Little Rice Room Place. “Besides being a sirry name, I couldn’t rearry
pronounce arr those R and Ls,” said Henry Joon-Kimyung-Jook.

ED’S NOTE: I’m not really this lacist… but then, again maybe everyone is


Alvin Lin


Alvin Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan and hails from New England. He blogs about Asian American pop culture, film, music, literature and politics, as well as relevant news around the world. He also writes for Imprint Talk. Alvin has degrees from Cornell and MIT.



this kind of reminds me of halloween. you know, when people can buy "exotic oriental costumes" or other tasteless race-specific costumes. april 1st gives people an excuse to say and do all kinds of shit. i find this article real funny. har. har. har. you'd think that after all the dance hype the lounge would at least come with like, a dance studio. oh wait, that would be far too cool.
The article was taken down, here is the link to the "Open Apology for a Bad Joke" anyone have a copy of the original full article?