72 Hour Film Shootout Awards

July 13, 2008

I was really impressed with a few of the films that I saw . Having shot a short film myself back in the days, I know how hard it is to have a plot, assemble the actors, secure the locations, shoot, and edit the damn thing by a certain deadline (oh how I miss thee, the all-nighters). Of course, not all stories have to be epic but still, to be able to do all of that within 72 hours is very impressive. So regardless of whether your team won an award or not, I applaud all of you filmmakers who participated this year and the organizers for this opportunity.

With that said, I'd like to share a few of the short films that really captured my attention during the awards. 
I thought the following two clips were done very well, overall. And by overall I am talking about the plot, the acting, the cinematography, the editing, and all that jazz.
- Cinemasia - Say Goodbye

- Last Minute Films - Killer Headline

The following clips get an honorable mention from me because they were so silly and funny.
- Vision - Say Good-bye
- 4Ward Motion Films - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye
Finally, the grand prize winner. Even though I enjoyed the short, I wish I could've known how the winner was picked. Watch the clip and let me know what you think.
- Big Egg - No Holding Back
For all the films mentioned above and to see the top 10, go to the 72 Hour Film Shootout website over on Ningin and tell me which team YOU would've given the first prize to.

If you haven't caught a flick yet, be adventurous. Check out this year's festival program, grab a friend, and come!

This blog entry is graciously sponsored by Toyota Matrix. Check out their Director's Chair website dedicated to the best in Asian American film.


Lisa Lee


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