Only Asian American On 'ANTM 11' Looks Like A Lot Of Fun

August 29, 2008

I'll admit, just like Sylvie, watching "America's Next Top Model" is one of my guilty pleasures. Terrible but true. At any rate, the only Asian American on this cycle of ANTM looks like a helluva lot of fun.

Although I can't quite tell what she means when she says she's "not your typical Asian American girl" (in response to another model asking her what it's like to be the only "Oriental" on the show), she does look like a pretty kickass alpha female, who proclaims somewhere around 0:15 that she's "dynamic" and "magnifying," whatever that means. In any case, fingers crossed that she represents well. Here's hoping Sheena makes it far and shows those judges that Asian American women can be both assertive and beautiful in our own right.

At very least, she probably won't be another Gina Choe and have some sort of
meltdown/identity crisis on national television.




they did not just ask her about being the only "oriental" girl on the show. wtf? this is national television. tyra better step in and say something.
"magnifying"? i love it. girlfriend is dynamic and makes things bigger.