Mindy Kaling on Accents and Apu

August 4, 2008

Scroll to 1:24 to hear Mindy's amusing take on not knowing how to fake an Indian accent and using Apu from "The Simpsons" as her coach.

Much love to Mindy Kaling. In addition to acting on "The Office," she's also a writer and producer on the show and back in the early 2000s co-wrote and co-starred in the off-Broadway play "Matt and Ben", a send-up of the her fellow Bostonians' rise to fame.

I also stand with her in solidarity as another Asian American who is unable to imitate her parents' voices. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. 'Tis better than sounding like this:


Sylvie Kim

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Man, I am SO EXCITED that she writes for the show!!I always hated her character (maybe cuz she reminds me of girls I know), but I can get so excited for her now.
man, what was the context of that second video? why were the cameras focused on all these people that were just not amused?
that was Dat Phan on (i think the first season of) Last Comic Standing. which is amazing, b/c he WON. how the hell? that was awful--and clearly even the white judges thought so. he does get better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isXuFTGtYvIbut seriously, how did he manage to make it to the next round 1st season? i didn't watch, so anybody know?
I love Mindy's character on The Office and she's extra dope for being a comic writer, a position that is difficult for any women to be in. Kelly is a cool character because she's such a girly girl- not the token Asian girl or the foreign girl. She's just an American woman, who's Valley Girl tendencies make her wonderfully unbearable. Thanks for the clips, it's cool to see Mindy talk about issues that other Asian American actors may shy away from in fear of harming their career.
re: Dat Phan. i remember watching this season. i didn't think he was that funny but at the same time i can see why he won. some of his jokes are kinda funny. he does the whole parents-with-an-accent thing but not in an offensive way, at least not to me. what happened to him? i think other contestants on the show hated on him because he was totally not funny off stage.