'Post-Racial' Theater for a new Post-Racial America?

January 20, 2009

Whatevs. Of course we're not post-racial. Racism is alive and well both
institutionally and on many metropolitan transit systems. (You wanna
see some racism, get on the 22 Fillmore in San Francisco when school is letting out and
other people are trying to make it to the Marina for an expensive hair
appointment.) But it was a heartening day, check out what some ethnic media editors had to say about Obama's speech at New America Media. (Full disclosure: New America Media pays my bills!)

But what better way to dig into this post-racial quandry than with some
theater? I was intrigued by the New Yorker review of Young Jean Lee's The Shipment playing at The Kitchen in New York through Jan. 28th. Known for work that investigates race and assimilation -- like Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven: A show about white people in love -- The Shipment
sounds like it takes it even further -- portraying a wanna-be rapper
from the streets to the high life, but playing with language and social
construct and dramatics. Check out Lee's blog for some insight into her process and conversation about race that are perfect fodder for this New World Order.

While I'm on the NYC theater tip, check out the KS Stevens production Yellow Lens in February,
which also sounds like it is investigating some of the same issues.
From the promotional material:

"Seven stories breathe life into a new and powerful Asian American play
about individuals making pivotal decisions that severely impact or have
impacted themselves and their relationships. With an intentionally
diverse cast of characters, Stevens allows all audience members, of all
races, classes and backgrounds, to witness the raw human mechanics of
the decision making process."

Hmmm, kinda cryptic, but worth investigating. Here's the details:

Yellow Lens Postcard front.jpg




kudos to jason wu. what an honor. great to see a young american designer (and an asian american at that) get some love. and what excellent taste on the part of michelle, that she doesn't just go with the calvin kleins of the world.
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