Geisha Ad Banned by UK

October 1, 2009


If I'm interpreting this ad correctly, Bisazza's tiles will:

1) Make you want to find and abduct a geisha to match your pretty new tiles.
2) Tie up said geisha and throw her on the floor.
3) Expose her thigh in a violently sexualized way.
and 4) Take a photo to show how awesome your new tiles look.

Seriously, what is wrong with creative director/advertising firm behind this ad? According to the BBC, the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK banned the magazine ad for its implications for sexual violence, following half a dozen consumer complaints.

Last week Jezebel posted a vintage ad for Jade East aftershave from the '50s or '60s, featuring an exoticized Asian girl and the attractive tagline, "If she doesn't give it to you, get it yourself!" Apparently, not much has changed since then. 




Interesting that the brain trust behind this was noted Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki. He is very famous, and has been criticized for the sexual violence and pornographic bent to his work. It was a western ad agency hiring a twisted Japanese male artist. =(