Code for America Hopes to Make Government as Addicting as Facebook

October 18, 2009

My mind started whirring. I have recently found myself staring at my
iPhone, pondering which new iPhone app to download to reinvent various
parts of my life. Perhaps Where's the Milk for task management?
iTranslate to make me a better world traveler, or iMeditate to help me
learn to enjoy patiently the lines at Trader Joe's?

But iPhone apps are just a start. Code for America is stirring up the
tech debate on every interface, about the best way to connect the
hallowed halls of lawmakers and shakers with constituents where we
already live -- whether via cell phone, Facebook, or anywhere else
where a good idea can take hold.

Imagine if government could
work at the speed of a start-up. Lean, mean, full of ideas, and with
the geeky brains to make it happen almost overnight.

Just like
Teach for America changed education and Architecture for Humanity
created the foundation for a world full of skilled architects to do
good, Code for America is
galvanizing a new generation of people who might have the chops to
imagine things like a nimble new government, into reality.