'West 32nd' and Battle of the Pitches

October 7, 2009

Kang’s second feature film will be released on DVD (not a bootleg as their official email campaign assures us) on October 13.
You can get it on Amazon, Netflix it, or go to the official website to learn about the film starring John Cho and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica).

DVD extras include:

Audio Commentary with Director Michael Kang and Actors John Cho and Jun Kim
Deleted Scenes
Production Gag Reel
Music Video for Heather Park's "Leave Me To Dream"
Interview with writers Michael Kang and Edmund Lee
Official Trailer

If buying a DVD from an Asian American director stirs up your
latent artistic desires, then get thee to BREAKING THE BOW: The 1st
Annual Independent Asian Pacific Islander Performing Artists and
Writers Festival in Santa Monica on October 22. From their press release:

Competing in front of an audience and a panel of esteemed
judges, screenwriters will battle each other with their one-minute
pitches for the opportunity to have a pitch meeting with executives at
FOX 2000 and FOX Searchlight as well as have lunch with a FOX

Much like American Idol, the screenwriters will be judged
on performance and persuasive techniques, quality and originality of
writing, and presentation. Any writer can enter Battle of the Pitches which promotes Asian Pacific
Islander writers and scripts that have prominent, non-stereotypical,
and strong Asian Pacific Islander characters and themes. 

entrant information can be found at www.mapid.us. Battle of the
Pitches contestants enter for $5 plus the $10 ticket admission. Contestant reservations and audience reservations are strongly

Just released are the identities of the judges:

API film icon Kelvin Han Yee
Writer, actress and comedienne Amy Hill

Academy Award winner Chris Tashima

Programs assist in the promotion and education of undiscovered,
unattached, and unknown talent.  Breaking the Bow is sponsored by Fox
Diversity, East West Magazine, Visual Communications, JBC Images, Brian
Raimondi Photography, and Lago Santa Monica.

For more information and reservations, contact ken [at] mapid.us or visit www.mapid.us.

$15 for a chance to be a Hollywood writer sounds like a pretty good deal. Head on over to the Miles Memorial Playhouse at 1130 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403 to see if you have what it takes. I'm going to try to pitch my dream project: Rambo: Finally Deported from Asia.


Sylvie Kim

contributing editor & blogger

Sylvie Kim is a contributing editor at Hyphen. She previously served as Hyphen's blog coeditor with erin Khue Ninh, film editor, and blog columnist.

She writes about gender, race, class and privilege in pop culture and media (fun fun fun!) at www.sylvie-kim.com and at SF Weekly's The Exhibitionist blog. Her work has also appeared on Racialicious and Salon.



Wow.Rupert Murdoch's FOX is supposedly going to produce scripts with "prominent, non-stereotypical, and strong Asian Pacific Islander characters and themes"?Okay. How about this?William Hung, Porn Star Heartthrob.
Thanks for the shout out! FIGHTING!