T's YouTube Videos of the Week

February 9, 2009

Last but not least, the Jabbawokeez. I thought he'd be scared of the masked and stuff, but he loves dancing and watching people dance.


Momo Chang

Senior Contributing Editor

Momo Chang is the Content Manager at the Center for Asian American Media, and freelances for magazines, online publications, and weeklies. Her writings focus on Asian American communities, communities of color, and youth culture. She is a former staff writer at the Oakland Tribune. Her stories range from uncovering working conditions in nail salons, to stories about “invisible minorities” like Tongan youth and Iu Mien farmers. She has freelances The New York Times, WIRED, and East Bay Express, among other publications.



the mama panda reacted very funny
That sneezing baby panda video is pretty funny. That momma panda's reaction is like: "WTF!"
have you shown him the manatee one yet?
what's the manatee one?
oh! poor manatee. thanks for the link. i love the smooches sound.
Momo, i think i have the same sense of humor as your son. i watched the baby panda twice, laughing harder the 2nd time.
ting ma ma de hua is such a sweet song. had no idea that you were a fan of jay chou's-but i guess we all learn something new each day!
erin, haha. i thought the panda one was pretty funny too. poor mama panda. !lam gwok ying, re: jay chou -- yes, i am a big jay fan. he is so talented. i like the dueling pianos video. i am such the Chinese parent, i am hoping that by my son watching him play piano, that he will want to learn too. btw, do i know you?