Hyphen Lynks: Transpacific Edition

August 21, 2009

there is some good news for those who -- even in spite of the
above-mentioned bullshit -- decide to migrate to our star-spangled
shores in the hopes of joining our high-earning ranks: Thanks to
Vonage, we now have free international calling!

and contrary to Ken Jeong's sell-out example and an emerging generation
of plastic people, there are still some (very hot) Asian men out there
who have managed to make it big time without going under the knife or
transforming themselves into a tired old steretype -- check out this Tribute to the Top 10 Asian Sportsmen Around Today. Whether you stay or go, these cosmopolitan, Asian-born athletes are just a little reminder of what's a-waitin' back home!


Catherine A Traywick

Managing Editor

Catherine is the managing editor at Hyphen. Her work has appeared in TIME, the Bay Citizen, Ms. magazine, he Huffington Post, as well as broadcasted on CBS radio. She is a master's student at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.