Asianspotting: Apolo Ohno's DayQuil & NyQuil Commercial

January 26, 2010

It's Apolo Anton Ohno!

Seriously. What an awesome name. If I were to name my kid Apolo, he better live up to it, like this Apolo.


The end of the commercial is a little gross, but that's where DayQuil and NyQuil come in I suppose.

It looks like he'll be competing in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics short-track speed skating competition at Pacific Coliseum. The events will be held between February 13th and 26th, 2010. Break a leg, Apolo, and bring home the gold!


Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.



Ha, ha! All he had to do was rip off his shirt and then pretend to be asleep, snoring? Somehow, I missed the connection to speed skating :-) Never mind, he is cute.